Bitcoin trading volume will be more than PAYPAL

Bitcoin trading volume will be more than PAYPAL

The California hedge fund Laureate Trust said the daily trading volume of nearly $300 million that have recently bitcoin is rapidly establishing himself as a global Internet fast buy or pay for money.” Compared with the Western Union for bitcoin trading volume and more and we It is expected to exceed PayPal in later this year.”

Statistic Brain data show that the total daily trading PayPal $315M.

“The next one to two years, the dollar trading volume will be more than bitcoin including Discover or American Express, MasterCard Visa and other payment companies.” SmartMetric CEO Chaya Hendrick. said.

Laureate hopes that the price of bitcoin recently to take this opportunity to rise 50%. He is the manager of a $5bn fund, the fund for shares, bonds and futures have invested in more than one hundred trading market.

In February, the hedge fund in the digital currency after the two impact survival adventure in the bitcoin buy rating result bitcoin months fell 70%.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC) files that the eBay had earlier put bitcoin as a potential rival to PayPal. The use of PayPal transactions need to pay the cost of 2-3%, and the use of bitcoin is not required.

EBay CEO John Donahoe said earlier that he was actively considering the bitcoin and eBay. At present, eBay still do not accept the payment or other digital currency bitcoin.

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