Bitcoin trillion market value evaporated! The seller to sell silk stockings machine

Chongqing Daily News published an article today “” upstream, “bitcoin trillion market value evaporated! The seller to sell silk stockings machine “. The full text is as follows:

“When Kanpan bitcoin is 4800, for when the circle of friends issued 4600 times, click send 4500. When the picture circle of friends spread fast to 4400. Did not dare to speak, afraid to say after the 4300.”

“Seven years of two vast currency speculation, loss first car, after thousands of dollars for housing, limit, nowhere bleak!”

The collapse of bitcoin, achievement and a masterpiece of the hand piece.

Bitcoin flash collapse

2017 years is the most beautiful year bitcoin, than money from less than $1000 at the special price soaring, peaked in the 2017 years 12 months 17 days up to a maximum of $19891.99. Less than a year, bitcoin market capitalization from 2017 highs evaporated 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan, down 80%.

The afternoon of November 20th, bitcoin price breakdown $4300 line of defense, the RMB price below 30000 yuan, a new low.

Within 24 hours, bitcoin fell 17%; since the beginning of the year, bitcoin fell 66%; compared with the highest point in 2017 of $more than 19000, bitcoin fell nearly 80%.

Some investors said bitcoin five days fell to $1000, if at the beginning of the year to buy 20 dollars, now the loss will be more than one million.

In recent days, losing a lot of speculators are but a “Starving people fill the land”. Even a senior game player said their circle of currency assets have a loss of more than 85%, “declared bankruptcy”.

When the mill scrap sold on the pounds

All the way down bitcoin, in addition to the plate outside the main machine retail suffer, too miserable. Because of its cost price has fallen below the mine owners had to wipe away tears are on sale.

It is said that a year ago the price up to 20000 yuan a mill, now only sell 1000 yuan.

But this situation is good, after some abandoned mine, directly were in accordance with the price of scrap metal sold on the pounds.

The seller to sell silk stockings machine

“Just from the Sichuan mountains to mine moved over, did not expect the currency down so badly, every day thousands of mill photoelectric charges is close to 3 million dollars, dig more.” A Xing (a pseudonym) this two days a little depressed, Xinjiang mine transport and construction in more than 1 months, was prepared to hype, who opened bitcoin crash mode.

After the price of bitcoin “flash crash”, mining completely became a peibenshengyi”.

Not only the miners have to leave, even in the upstream of the mill and mill sales are managed to start a career change, and even sell the mining machine and the boss has been in custody in its part-time derivative selling shoes sell silk stockings.

In Shenzhen Huaqiang North, the former world buyers panic buying machine event already gone for ever, many vehicle sales or ore hosting businesses choose to retreat “.

From the miners, mine, mining machinery sales and managed, to machine manufacturers, bitcoin “flash crash” of “mine” bring disaster to the whole industry chain.

Why bitcoin slump?

What is the reason for bitcoin crash? This is mainly in two aspects:

One is the battle of bifurcation. Block chain has many nodes and community, their internal differences will appear bifurcation. Nabite coins before, because many people believe that bitcoin transaction fee is too high, the community appeared behind the differences, forking out bitcoin cash. Bitcoin cash is run in the bitcoin network, a coin into the bifurcation.

In the same chain forking out two kinds of digital currency, the diversion of funds, so the price of natural decline.

Two is the International Monetary Fund President Lagarde called for a global central bank issued a digital currency of their own, if the number of monetary official on the stage, then bitcoin this unofficial currency is likely to be a “copycat coin” label, go directly at the bottom of the hell.

After all, money has dropped to zero copycat examples already meet the eye everywhere.

Two reasons above, is analyzed from the perspective of “tactics”. In a more macro perspective, and other digital currency bitcoin price is high popularity, high heat need to maintain, once the disk access man reduced, heat faded, it exposed, far below the expected.

Shares of listed companies behind the bitcoin entity as a support, but what is not.

Last week, Bloomberg had reported that bitcoin prices may fall to $1500, 70% of the market capitalization will evaporate, only when the market panic, and now finally to collapse.

According to the global news network, upstream foreign exchange investment, Bloomberg home network, one pulse etc..

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