Bitcoin tumbled nearly 20% fell one after another has cost breakdown

Bitcoin 24 hours plunged more than 15%, plunged $800

Encryption currency fell across the board on Tuesday, the continuation of the recent decline, the price of bitcoin was down nearly 20% below the $4300 line of defense.

Data source: CoinMarketCap

According to statistics, since last week, accompanied by a relatively quiet break bitcoin began to fall, and other mainstream digital currencies pudie.

The last 24 hours, reboxetine currency fell 5%, the deepest etheric coin fell 15%, the top 10 digital currency mostly showed double-digit decline. The whole digital currency market in the past week to erase at least $40 billion, less than $168 billion on Monday. From January this year high since the overall digital currency has fallen to $670 billion.

4300 dollars is the cost price of bitcoin

The successive decline, bitcoin prices have more than one machine breakdown cost, namely the mining income is insufficient to pay the fee and management fee. According to one of the largest mineral pool pond data, including the S7, T9, A741 and Avalon older machine models, had arrived off the price.

Bitcoin, since 2009 was “Nakamoto” invention, according to the model, using the computational capability, resulting in the bitcoin system block (block) in the ongoing “Hashi collision”, to win the right to obtain the reward system of accounting, bitcoin. The boring and repetitive, at a bit more than the industry known as “mining”, engaged in this work is called “miners”.

Bitcoin tired since this year fell nearly 70%. Since bitcoin crossed the $10 thousand mark in 2017 after Thanksgiving, compared with the same period last year, bitcoin fell over 30%.

Overseas analysts said the market value of the largest bitcoin digital currency under a support level is $5000, if lost, under a support or $3500. Even some analysts predict that bitcoin could fall to $1500, more than the current level fell more than 70%.

The reasons for the decline, with bitcoin bitcoin cash split, increased uncertainty:

In a survey of bitcoin wallet platform letter of the users, a total of 82.6% users think BCH “hard fork” is the cause of the current round of bitcoin fell.

The SFC punishment without registration two crypto currency ICO

It is worth noting that encryption currency price fell before the SEC announced two penalties, no sale will be the first token (ICO) encrypted currency as securities company registration.

Airfox and Paragon Coin, the two companies will pay their 25 million dollars in fines, to compensate investors.

Insiders said, this round of the crash related to enforcement action, almost certainly, law enforcement agencies are taking action. Crypto currency company spent huge amounts of money held lavish party roadshow to promote their value of millions of dollars of ICO, which has become the traditional atmosphere of ICO, the return to investors become difficult to achieve.

According to CoinMarketCap data, the peak evaporation crypto currency in January compared to the overall market capitalization of more than $670 billion. The world’s largest digital currency bitcoin currently from December 2017 highs fell more than 70%.

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