Bitcoin users gospel Babble-on company announced to accept bitcoin payment and Alipay

Bitcoin users gospel Babble-on company announced to accept bitcoin payment and Alipay

Despite the recent bitcoin prices fall further, but does not affect the more new companies to join the bitcoin industry, and many companies have access to bitcoin payment function.

Babble-on is a technology localization application of multinational service company, mainly to IOS and Android technology based program development, the company will have their bitcoin payment as the latest payment.

Babble-on is a technology company founded in San Francisco in 2004, the early days the company only two or three people, now has been growing rapidly for nearly 200 people in the multilingual translation and localization team technical service team. And Babble-on has become many large companies in Silicon Valley today the first choice of the.

Today, Babble-on officially announced to take over Alipay and bitcoin payment, which will make the use of bitcoin users and the use of Alipay’s China users can experience the company’s technical service directly.

BenjaminZadik (founder of Babble-on company) about:

“Bitcoin anonymity and low transaction costs can save more money for the North American economic development, so we decided to access bitcoin payment, at the same time we also support the use of Alipay Alipay to pay payment, because there are a large number of customers China. For global business services strategy now, it must consider the use of global payment to carry out their business.”

BenjaminZadik said, Babble-on company has access to a credit card, debit card, paypal and other payment almost all possible circulation.

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