Bitcoin value has shrunk severely! Spend 208 million to ex girlfriend happy married a poor boy okay?

Half a year ago a “beam Michelle Wai, I wish you a happy wedding flower 2 million 80 thousand” Huobian circle of friends.

As a former boyfriend the poor boy because the investment of hundreds of bitcoin is more successful. 39 bitcoin worth 2 million 80 thousand I wish a happy married ex girlfriend, to tell his former girlfriend instead of poor boy, when you have the wrong eye!

With this a fire, bitcoin has also entered the people’s eyes. Half a year ago, it is the peak period of bitcoin price, the highest price reached Twenty thousand dollars About。 It is against such a terrible price, poor boy only emboldened a package 100 City From the media front page layout.

But after bitcoin prices down, 11 fell 14 April 5534 dollars The price. And the price downward trend has not changed.

As the high risk of the first digital currency bitcoin, high price volatility is the norm, and therefore become a popular talk theme. Even in the folk humor piece out!

But at the same time more and more people believe that bitcoin is a joke, will eventually become a thing of the past.

In bitcoin value has shrunk greatly, those who feel so proud, what is the feeling?

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