Bitcoin value plummeted in the end is not a hoax, now rely on bitcoin can make money?

Text / Shi Mingxu

The concept was first proposed by bitcoin Nakamoto in 2009, most of the money, bitcoin does not depend on the specific issue of monetary institutions, according to a specific algorithm, produced by numerous calculations, in bitcoin implementation of a few years, experienced from birth to be questioned requires a comprehensive ban, to make public rich stage, recently China bitcoin bitcoin market crash, November 19, 2018, for the first time since October 2017, dropping $5000 mark.

In a lot of people are waiting to see what can not make money when bitcoin, bitcoin now plunged not only to Chibidaigou property caused a lot of damage, destroy a lot of money to see potential investor confidence, but bitcoin does give a lot of people in some time ago brought a lot of wealth, the bitcoin crash in the end because of the early development of the market in the dormant period? This is because the currency was a hoax, investor money was cut chives.

We will discuss to today. Simply speaking, bitcoin market is somewhat similar to the stock market, is a risky investment. Human nature is greedy, just like the stock market, 2015 years before the arrival of the bull market, many senior investors earn large sums of cash through this bull market.

After a lot of people in the bull market, potential investors wait-and-see blindly into the market, think of their own money into the stock market will also earn income. But the end result is that the stock market in the bull market after and immediately enter the limit, make a lot of blind investors capital discount. Refer to the stock market, bitcoin reached the highest point of 2 million in the 2017 year 12 month, the first dare to eat the cake many people tasted the sweetness.

Some relatively large amount of investment and investors get a large income, to give more people the confidence of investment, but also let more people are still waiting to see into the coin ring, but now bitcoin has continuous limit, in the month of 11 2018 19 for the first time dropping 5000 dollars, is the bitcoin market coming pre freezing.

Bitcoin in the glorious moment of the past year as we have seen, a lot of courage to the first person to eat crab really tasted the sweetness, but there is no market instability, bitcoin as a new investment model, also can make nothing of it in the future there is the opportunity to pick up, like the stock market. If you want to invest to make loss of psychological preparation, investment risks, the market need to be cautious!

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