Bitcoin virtual currency evaporation trillion, the top 10 all fell, the bubble has finally broken.

Text / Yang Jiahui

The virtual currency circle can be said to be a day sad, crying constantly coin ring, virtual currency platform data displayed on the trumpet, the top ten in all currencies fell, a startling sight of red.

As a virtual currency bitcoin boss, is the most interesting. 2017 bitcoin is the most crazy year, never to the price of $1000, a wild rose at the end of December 2017, up to the historical peak of $19891.99. At that time, many have never heard of bitcoin, crush into play, everybody said it was a big bubble, but you know he changes how incredible?

From the first 09 years of the birth of bitcoin, then $1 can be exchanged for 1309.03 coins, and in 2017, 1 coins can be exchanged for nearly 20 thousand dollars, the price doubled 20 million times, the world’s biggest bubble.

Foam faster, broken when more fierce, Bloomberg said, bitcoin will fall further, bitcoin prices may fall to $1500, 70% of the market capitalization will evaporate. Not only the two investors seriously affected, the industry chain upstream mining miners, also be unemployed, many small mines on the survival pressure, now it is one disaster after another.

Because you need to dig bitcoin mining machine, mining machine to calculate stress. A force from purchasing the NVIDIA GPU, the original digital currency fiery, GPU has a huge market demand, but the digital currency market fell, mills have been eliminated in the secondary market. Encryption currency demand appears to have no.

Bitcoin has let the currency fall, circle of people lost confidence, other virtual currency as well as expected, following the decline of bitcoin virtual currency, the top ten spared. Ranked second in the etheric Fang, founder of the V God, once every day to Twitter to encourage investors now, haven’t heard from him, the etheric square from this year the highest price of $1506, down to the lowest price of $135, did not see any hope for a rebound. Fang had plunged 20% Ethernet in 12 hours, the etheric square was severely affected, many people shouted “etheric Fang is a lot of cool air coins, currency speculation people’s heart.

Ranked third in the reboxetine currency, in 2018 fell 90%, because the reboxetine currency is one of the biggest losers in the top ten money, the highest price of reboxetine currency this year reached $3.68, the current price has dropped to $0.4015.

Within 24 hours, bitcoin cash (BCH) the largest decline, down 14.13%, bitcoin fell 7.71%, reboxetine currency fell 8.84%, the etheric Fang fell 11.61% star coin fell 11.32%. Because virtual currency volatility is very strong, so the risk is on the high, fell rapidly, coin circle of this round of the bear market has not yet bottomed out, still hope that the virtual currency in winter to keep warm, to survive the winter, spring will come.

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