Bitcoin wallet back to the Apple App Store

Bitcoin wallet back to the Apple App Store


        With a new bitcoin wallet app appears in the IOS app store, Apple Corp for bitcoin policy in becoming more friendly.

        According to the developers, this is called Coinpocket ‘ The App Based on the previous HTML5 The development of this version, can support the camera to scan two-dimensional code.

        This App The function is very basic, users can realize the above as before Coinbase and Blockchain The App The function, but these two software has not been updated for a long time, has been from the store shelves. The Apple Corp has updated their policy last week, including the shelves permitted digital currency product application.

      This new App There is a function of the key scan to the wallet, so that users can realize the rapid transfer of funds, and also can produce BIP38 The private key encrypted version (but this function is needed for a long time, and some users will crash).

        In addition, Coinpocket Also provides the function of sending and receiving facility, and provide three different sources of bitcoin price information. With the Apple Corp now pointed out bitcoin wallet, they will be developers competing for mobile phone OS Create and submit more versatile App After all, this area occupies a large share of the world’s richest market.      Before users welcome App For example, downloaded more than Twelve Million times Blockchain That will look like to update their version of Android. ? ? Not only is the wallet application obtains a Apple Corp allowed other app in the specific payment has also been recognized this. ? Also avoid all of apple ? App purchases accounted for 30% of the shares of the rules. ?

      EGifter app now allows users to directly purchase their gift card with a bit, a week before, through the IOS device to use bitcoin to buy goods for WAL-MART or a dream, but it is true. The first allows bitcoin built-in payment of app is small bet on the game Betcoin, the game is almost immediately after Apple issued a statement on the shelves. The game developers Omri Cohen says this is a test to detect the Apple Corp allowed those things, this software is actually submitted before the Apple Corp of bitcoin attitude.

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