Bitcoin wallet privacy will be Win 10 system influence

Bitcoin wallet privacy will be Win 10 system influence

Windows10 for the Windows8 system to do a lot of optimization, the integration of personalized voice assistant Cortana, and Windows10 are due to its simple user interface by the user’s praise, then the user is in use but found there is a huge problem in the system, is a threat to user privacy.

Windows10 can access all legitimate users of personal data and Email user files, used to provide information to law enforcement agencies or government agencies. This is the operating system to actually become the NSA spying tool, it can secretly obtain data from bitcoin wallet and system.

The following is an excerpt from Microsoft’s privacy statement:

“We have the right to access, disclosure and save the user’s personal information, including user content (such as user message content, communication or other private private files in the folder contents), we have the spirit of good intentions, it is necessary to do so:

1. in order to comply with applicable laws or respond to effective legal procedures, including Law enforcement or other government agencies;

2. in order to protect our customers, for example to prevent spam or try to deceive users of the service, or to help prevent the personal safety and property loss by users;

3. in order to operate and maintain the safety of our services, including the prevention of a computer system or network we are attacked;

Four In order to protect the rights of Microsoft or property, including the mandatory use of the terms of service, but if we received information that someone has used my ownership of the company’s intellectual property or Microsoft private physical, we do not check the contents of the customer, but we can put this question to law enforcement authorities.”

In the installation of Windows10 non browser bitcoin wallet may be Microsoft privacy “agreement” of the victims, because the details of the deal, identity information, code and historical records may be transferred to government agencies or law enforcement agencies. In particular, sensitive data BIP32 bitcoin wallet can be sent directly National security bureau.”

A netizen said bitcoin trading network:

“I advise you or die in the operation of a BIP32 bitcoin wallet idea Windows 10, including desktop and online BIP32 wallet, unless you want your wallet directly send seeds to the National Security Council there. Not only is the U.S. National Security Agency, also includes any Microsoft want to cooperate, such as Our law enforcement agencies, courts, Russia and China hackers etc..”

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