Bitcoin was backed by congressional candidates and eventually Washington approved

nRunaway Comment: Washington’s attitude toward the blockchain and cryptocurrency companies has long been not very friendly. But for the first time, Brian Forde, a Democratic parliamentary candidate, wants to support blockchain-friendly legislation in parliament. And the candidate is not only a blockchain advocate, but also head of digital currency at MIT’s Media Lab to encourage the development of the US blockchain industry and receive most of the bitcoin-type campaign funding. This has attracted investor support just getting rich in cryptocurrencies and has backed the interests of emerging technologies domestically.n
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Blockchain companies and cryptocurrency investors have few friends in Washington – but that may change soon, as Brian Forde, who first appeared as a Democratic parliamentary candidate, appears to win the California Orange in November An important county seat.n
Support emerging technologiesn
For the first time as a politician, Brian Forde’s campaign took less than a year, but he wants to support blockchain-friendly legislation in Congress.n
However, Forde is more than just a blockchain supporter, he also has some important credentials. Prior to that, he was head of digital currency at the Media Lab in Magestown and served as a technology consultant during Obama’s administration. In addition, he also volunteers as a peace team in Nicaragua and has experience in emerging technologies, and he co-founded the low-cost Internet telephony service during the period of “unlawful or illegal – just born” of the technology Llamadas SA.n

Brian Forden
From a political point of view, Forde’s main focus is on maintaining and encouraging the growth of the US blockchain industry rather than watching this rapidly growing industry set up shop in a country like Switzerland that is more crypto-currency friendly. He explained to Bloomberg:n
n”We need to protect the rights and safety of consumers, but we also need to allow innovation.We need to set up a” regulatory sandbox “for the healthy development of these emerging technologies.While I worry about the strict regulation of small start-ups, Having to spend a lot of resources on compliance, there is no resources to build and innovate. “n
nForde’s support for cryptocurrency is a candidate that has drawn support from some of the big names in the blockchain arena, including Fortress Investment Group’s Pete Briger, Union Square Ventures’ Brad Burnham, well-known cryptocurrency investor Mike Novogratz, and bitcoin billionaire Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. The latter told Bloomberg:n
n”Brian understands the power of emerging technologies and knows how to encourage and shape technology in a way that has a positive impact on both individuals and organizations.”n
nAnd most of the people in parliament do not.n
Cryptocurrencies provide fundsn
Forde not only took the lead in encouraging the development of the US blockchain industry, but also accepted most of the bitcoin-type campaign funding.n
In August and September 2017, Forde’s campaign received $ 66,000 in mainstream cryptocurrency, arousing the interest of other lawmakers to do the same. He told ABC News:n
n”Some lawmakers also asked me for some advice on how to accept bitcoin.”n
nForde deservedly considered himself a leader in the use of new technology for campaign funding, explaining to him:n
n”People were skeptical of this when Howard Dean first accepted funding credit for his campaign online, and four years later, Obama broke the fundraising record with a unified technology, while Bitcoin, along with its underlying technology block Chains, often described as ‘the next generation of the Internet,’ and we are honored to be one of the tens of thousands of individuals and companies that have embraced bitcoin globally. “n
nAccepting candidates who provide campaign funding in bitcoin will attract the support of upstart investors who have just made fortunes in cryptocurrencies and are therefore more likely to support the interests of emerging technologies domestically.n

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