Bitcoin weekly | lightning labs released bitcoin payment channels of new features “lightning ring”; Microsoft has re opened the account bitcoin deposit funds function (3.18-3.24)

This week BTC prices this week, bitcoin prices of ups and downs, highs lows appeared in March 22nd. The dollar and the yen currency trading market share less than last week, accounting for 83.71%; the pool share is relatively obvious gap between lightning labs released last week; bitcoin payment channels of new features “lightning ring”.

Secondary market

This week the price of bitcoin ups and downs, highs lows appeared in March 22nd. In March 18-3 month 22 days rise up to $4097.36 in March 22nd plunged to $4007.09. The current price of $4022.02.

Photograph: Coinmarketcap

Trading currency ranking

Cryptocompare data show that the current bitcoin transactions in accordance with the trading currency rankings, the top three were USDT (83.03%) and $(5.52%), QC (2.87%).

Bitcoin exchange currency trading, the dollar accounted for 43.05%, ranking the first; ranking the second yen, accounting for 40.66; Brazil Real ranked third, accounting for 7.55%; ranked four or five respectively won (4.27%) and the euro (1.39%). For two weeks, the dollar, the yen’s market share decline, fell to 83.71% this week.

Photograph: Coinhills

Exchange trading volume ranking

Exchange, the current bitcoin trading platform, the top three were Fcoin, BitMEX, OEX. Fcoin has 3 transactions on the ETH/BTC in the top ten, which ranked first, ranking changes in the larger exchange this week.

Photograph: Coinmarketcap

An analysis published this week by the Bitwise display, through the analysis of the CoinMarketCap trading volume of the 81 largest bitcoin digital currency exchange, the total average daily trading volume of $6 billion, of which $273 million is justified on the spot bitcoin trading volume 95% is forged by the unregulated exchange.


According to data show that the whole network is 45.75 EH/s, last week increased difficulty; 6.38 T.

This week the BTC hash stress rise high up to 47968.111 TH/s.


This week Kuangchi share last week the difference slightly obviously, is rising last week. Specifically, according to the calculation of a share, ranks first, accounting for 15.98%, is 7.63 EH/s; ant pool ranked second, accounting for 12.69%; a force of 6.06 EH/s; Poolin by second last week to third, accounting for 12.24%, a force of 5.84 EH/s; F2pool fish last week to maintain the top fourth, accounting for 10.96%, a force of 5.23 EH/s.


Mills, the current net income on the first wing bit parallelism E11++, dynamic Bitfury Tardis core for the first time in more than second ranked T3 weeks; on the net income declined last week.

Source: F2pool hot mill

Other minerals news:

According to the province of Southwest Chinese, plans a bit familiar with mine operators said that the mainland will deploy about 200 thousand sets of bits of their mining equipment in the area, to use low-cost electricity generated by hydropower surplus in summer.

Chain data

Large transfers, the transfer of large number of weeks to become less, there are 6144 times more than 100 BTC deal, last week reduced 374.

Source: Tokenview

This week the new address and the number of active address increased slightly, as of March 23rd, the new address number 309772, active address is 567722, last week increased.

Data source: Tokenview

Bitcoin list full five cold wallet address, belonging to Bittrex, Bitmex, Bitstamp, Huobi, Binance.

Source: Bitinfocharts

Bitcoin address, 48.24% address hold no more than 0.001 BTC, 2308 BTC, accounting for 0.01% of all the money; 22.74% of the amount of 0.13% dollars. All possession, and basically the same as last week.

Data source: Bitinfocharts

Related news

According to 1ML, the number of network nodes and the lightning channel showed a rising trend. At present, the number of nodes that support the network reached 7600, increased by 165 last week, 30 days or up to 16.03%; channel number 39365, last week increased by 80, 30 days or up to 32.1%; the lightning network capacity is 1048.64 BTC, reduced by 15.99 BTC last week, 30 days or up to 46%.

According to the node count, lightning network hot spots before 3: Toronto, 93 node, 1067 channel (last week by 3 nodes, 57 channel); the United States Ashburn, 57 nodes, 7553 channel (channel node number unchanged, reducing the number of 140); Amsterdam, with 51 nodes 709, a channel (last week to reduce the 1 nodes, by 3 channel).

Based on the store and service network lightning the top five are: Bitrefill, Blockstream, Hodl, Monkey, Joltfun, Living Room of Satoshi.

Lightning Laboratory (Lighting Labs) issued a lightning to improve network availability, expand the scale of the crypto currency bitcoin payment channels, known as the “lightning ring” (Lightning Loop), the user does not need to close and re open the new payment channels, can receive more bitcoin.

According to the Bitcoin ATM Map shows that as of March 17th, the global bitcoin ATM machine now covering 77 countries, there are 4452 units, more than last week 29, the installation of the largest number of countries are the United States (2743), followed by Canada (686), Austria (269), the number of North American installation accounted for 72.4%, last week increased.

Recently, the Central Bank of Italy issued a report on the digital currency bitcoin, including the report, which is defined as dangerous, useless, speculative and inefficient. The report said: “we found that about 1/4 of bitcoin users and half bitcoin transactions related to illegal activities. About illegal activities involving bitcoin 720 billion dollars each year, the United States and Europe close to the size of the illegal drug market size.”

Senior analyst CoinDesk Noelle, members of Acheson issued a document called the Chicago Board Options Exchange (Cboe) effect of suspended bitcoin futures contract has been exaggerated.

ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees said in an interview, substitution and lightning network face bitcoin is very important in technology layer, and exchange traded funds is crucial to the whole space encryption currency. He said: “in my opinion, all of these are very important, which is why I love to see all the ongoing experiment. Bitcoin need to be very conservative, it cannot try every new idea, nor for each variable optimization.”

Bitcoin cash supporter Rick Falkvinge said, the highly anticipated layer 2 solutions or lightning network project “no matter from which point of view is a dead end”. It believes that the concept of the watchtower is fundamentally wrong. In addition, he also said, “when a user on the network with other users of funds into a channel, the people began to behave like a bank, the bank will need business license. This is the problem of legal liability.”

Bitcoin community tweet reminded Steam can re enable BTC and BCH payment, 2017 years 12 months early, the game platform Steam announced to stop bitcoin payment support.

According to Microsoft’s official website shows, Microsoft has re opened the account bitcoin money deposited in function, the user can use bitcoin to buy goods in the Microsoft online store. It is understood that due to the bitcoin transactions and price instability, Microsoft last year shut down the service.

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