Bitcoin will avalanches again. These days, it will fall below $3000?

After yesterday, a group of analysts and out below the lows, shouting, immediately to break the $3000 run.

In the author’s pen before the first wave of ordinary analyst analysis:

From the current trend, the overall decline in the channel, the nominal force is very strong, so yesterday hit a new low, the future does not rule out possible below $3000.

This passage, that goes without saying, as you read, in addition to panic, did not know how. The future is what time? There is no rebound, or is directly below the rebound after the fall?

Analysts have just analysis, but do not pay attention to the actual significance.

The following is the author can see from yesterday disk trend

Here is some information to see from this graph in the, May not be right, but is seen under my personal thinking based on logic

Yesterday broke new lows, but Great with the previous several different

1, after breaking lows, No drop, stampede

2, after breaking lows, the volume does not enlarge, but Every time is to reduce the amount of a low

This shows that, at this time, Very few people willing to offer, the dealer zapan, also not much goods Also, low price after shipment, resulting in less profit,

At this time there are few people who want to sell, This time again fell to cut cut coins, retail has no willingness to cut, even zapan also get chips

So when zapan, want a ship, not out, want to get the chips, but also get low-cost chips, So the result of this fall, no panic disc thrown

3, but the main or breaking lows, this is a big problem, Why should break the low?

Breaking lows, actually In order to let those with technology as the reference standard, to do more to stop, and then follow the trend of short

In the author’s point of view, Then it should be the rebound into the storm empty stage, although I think it will be below 3000, but not in the next few days, to the author’s personal view is that the main will be the first to hold an empty one, after the first explosion, will enter a new round of the downlink channel, and broken 3000, will be in the fall this is not the way, and slowly grinding.

So hold an empty one, really pay attention, especially in the reference. When zapan no income, is likely to reverse manufacturing illusion, to around $4000, violent empty at the same time, attracting a number of retail in reverse thought, hunters, and zapan, direct broke $3000.

These are my personal humble opinions, the author is analyzed from the maximization of the main benefits point of view, if the force does not exist, so the conclusion is not established

In addition, yesterday in a workshop of more than a single Ethernet pen, of course, this position is very small, single purpose, is that you can feel better about market sentiment, and wish you to think more carefully, but also can analyze their ideas better correction. Is a dangerous action, do not imitate.

Bitcoin is highly speculative financial products have plummeted risk, please be careful in.

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