Bitcoin will break $4000

The author in the article “ Bitcoin will rebound to around $4000? “Analysis is short burst of the stock market, that is likely to rebound to around $-4077 $3881

In breaking lows, many large V called free time, to below $3000 or even $2000 $500,

In the author “ Bitcoin will once again be an avalanche, these days fell below $3000? “Analysis of the breaking lows is to make more stops and other follow short, and then enter the empty market burst.

It is also based on this logic, the author was a loss of more than a single, has got now

This more than a single flat out today

In fact, I haven’t touched the contract, just before writing, the overall feel is right, but the feeling is useless, feeling often will give the illusion, so I went to record their choice of contract small positions. (this is a high-risk behavior, must not imitate)

I choose this way:

1, the main is to make yourself feel better market sentiment

2, will make themselves more sensitive to capture market information

3, the author makes a more careful analysis, when you put money, analysis will be more carefully. I had also thought about when a mouth or drawing that is easy to many analysts, but that too often they are not grow up, but also mislead others.

In addition, this more than a single flat out today to take the spot


First, because of difficulty to adjust the arrival of increased uncertainty, the main will raid this is difficult to judge the no evidence of logical inference, the author does not consider to Bo did not grasp what the

Two, last night also rushed to the 3744, is close to the day of $3881, I also have no statistics whether last night bears have been wipe out, if 3744 last night has burst most empty, so I judge the basis has news, so I consider more than a single flat out.

But from the standpoint of short burst, This is not very thorough, a better way is to burst, pressure, and shock, low retail price explosion, the breakthrough pressure, the formation of the rising channel, resulting in reversal of illusion, let us feel the cow, can help retail power swing short, then quickly pin form. Blasting short, so the cost minimum.

I have just such a grasp of the smaller than before so many, or not to Bo these uncertain benefits of the.

As for the ability to break the $4000, depends entirely on the difficulty of adjustment, the main idea, if no damage is still rising, may exceed $4000, if the direct hit, then the rebound will be ahead of the end.

Bitcoin is a highly speculative variety, great risk, also must not be involved in the contract transaction, higher risk, this is just my own thoughts on record, without reference to the investment.

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