Bitcoin will declare the Guinness book of records

Bitcoin will declare the Guinness book of records

According to the British bitcoin Development Company Limited (Bitcoin Development LTD) official said, the company has dozens of joint global bitcoin enterprises and institutions, plan to declare a Guinness world record for bitcoin.

We interviewed the person in charge of the company Howard, he said, because bitcoin is to the center of the concept, so as to logically independent declaration to declare the Guinness record, their plan is, combined with global bitcoin game player to this great action, Guinness will serve as a temporary headquarters center and they, as people will take the global report, at the same time the form to complete a series of declarations, allegedly, they prepared to declare the project has as many as ten items, including the declaration of “massive computing power network of the world’s most powerful computer network” the only state machine to complete the.

This plan may seem crazy, if bitcoin to declare the project can get Guinness organization recognized, so will the bitcoin to national recognition time.

The plan aims to promote bitcoin in popularization and recognized worldwide, bitcoin will play a far-reaching influence milepost type.

Also it is understood that the declaration once the work is started, the whole process of the global declaration will live through the media, and obtain the relevant certificate will be held in each region of the bitcoin activities above tour promotion, all participated in the declaration of bitcoin enthusiasts can obtain a copy and pictures to commemorate, finally will add to the relevant as the history museum.

Bitcoin can be recognized by the world, perhaps this is a very good opportunity, solid position will protect the bitcoin virtual currency in the field of digital encryption.

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