Bitcoin will never fall back to a dollar is worth?

Reprinted from 100 Author: carp Walker

From the previous to the highest close to $20 thousand after not worth a hair since 2017 plunged 70% bitcoin is really cold most of the hearts of investors in recent years, prices have risen, in addition to the domestic stock market and foreign bitcoin has been dropped, but bitcoin had also experienced a much stronger than financial products the rally, in just 8 years the price rose 20 million times, can be said that not only is the fastest way to get speculative, but also can be said to be the biggest bubble.

While the 2018 bitcoin ever experienced price return, which is of no value to things, the more the faster the rise, fall, a year from the high point of falling to the ground, as of November, bitcoin has broken 4000 dollars this year plummeted more than 70%.

First of all, when it comes to bitcoin market crash, is still of value, in 2017 ushered in the virtual currency market prices, then the effect of making the rich, many people want to earn a coin in the circle, heard someone as millions of billionaires because bitcoin is also spawned a large number of people of the speculative ideas, accelerate the mass the influx of.

When the speculation during the crazy, greedy mass moment, the bubble burst, some state regulators reached a consensus on the encryption currency legislation, some countries banned and prohibits the introduction of transactions lead to virtual currency ecosystem destruction, bad news, public fears of selling out, because many investors have high disk the huge loss, the chain effect of bitcoin is also out of the crash situation, a year down over 70%.

Bitcoin virtual digital currency plummeted, but will not be your concern. Bitcoin has decided to change its market rules, but also the market behavior, we need to analyze and judge the objective.

This year 2 month, the lowest price of bitcoin fell to 6000 dollars, and then began to rebound, more than a month bitcoin rebound 100%, reached about 12000. Is soaring, rebound too much, is one of the reasons for the recent slump. Rose fell, prices plummeted, this is an objective law.

But are not likely to fall back to a yuan worth of money, or the existence of encryption living space in the future, the blockchain value is still there, although the high prices of bitcoin bubble ushered in a moment, but the public recognition is still in the bitcoin, the lower the price, there is still money to the game.

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