Bitcoin’s “pressure”, the day before yesterday had just boarded the Hurun list, today has shrunk billions

Zero after November 15th, bitcoin fell below 6000 dollars in a market price, this is more than a year bitcoin fell below $6000 mark for the first time. At 15 p.m., further price dropping to $5600. The bitcoin prices fell, and a number of bitcoin prices also fell within the circle of the rich.

11 13, the Hurun list has just released a digital bitcoin now from the rich, they boarded the rich list was less than 3 days. Known as the first domestic bitcoin bitcoin in Li Xiaolai, the highest price worth more than 10 billion, with bitcoin prices fell, Li Xiaolai worth has been cut.

In 2010, an American programmer had purchased two pizzas for ten thousand bitcoin bitcoin, this is for the first time physical transaction. If the price of bitcoin maximum period calculation, the two pizza value of nearly $two hundred million, known as the history of the most expensive pizza.

Just eight years time, bitcoin soared to $18 thousand, the highest one, bitcoin global value of more than $two hundred billion, several times higher than the large global financial institutions Goldman’s market value of $98 billion, and the world’s largest bank compared favorably, which makes traditional financial institutions slow growth fears.

With bitcoin prices rose, bitcoin field but also the birth of untold riches. As the founder of bitcoin Nakamoto, has always been a very mysterious character. The legendary Nakamoto has 980 thousand bitcoins, accounting for the world total bitcoin 5%. According to the number of Nakamoto bitcoin held his price from the highest point down more than 120 billion dollars.

The most famous is Lee to China for bitcoin circle. Before, Li Xiaolai is a new teacher. Li Xiaolai told the media that he holds six digit bitcoin, if according to 100 thousand calculation, so his price has dropped 80 from the highest billion, becoming the largest decline in the price of bitcoin circle of people.

In addition, heavyweight founder Wu Jihan, is also the currency ring bit. Bit, is currently the world’s largest bitcoin mining machine manufacturers, 70% is a global monopoly. It can be said that every ten new dig bitcoin, there is seven bits, dig.

According to industry insiders speculated that the number of bitcoins have Jihan Wu absolutely not less than the number of Li Xiaolai. However, since the number of their holdings are Wu Jihan bitcoin this tight lipped, let people can guess the number of coins. If this is the case, Wu Jihan losses will be more than ten billion. Wu Jihan’s position in the industry will have a great influence.

As an electronic currency, bitcoin in just a few years to show its tremendous energy, people are flocking to them. A lot of moment to achieve a cipher counter attack, which makes a lot of hope overnight people began to enter the bitcoin market in succession. However, for people not only have soared, and prices plummeted. Now, the coin circle bigwigs have worth drop, it is also very difficult to accept for them. Therefore, the risk of bitcoin is greater than the stock market.

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