Bitcoin’s previous life series — mainstream Shanzhai (II)

Bitcoin preexistence series: mainstream copycat currency (II)

Gehangrugeshan, many people recognize the virtual currency are known from news reports. The virtual currency is what, what to do, what is the impact on society is foggy. Today the launch of bitcoin reincarnation of mainstream copycat coins, Wright currency (LTC), as the world currency (DASH), storage (SC), why money first said that several, these kinds of virtual currency, the mainstream machine can dig, from a substantive perspective, to make it more intuitive understanding.

Hope bitcoin preexistence series is completed, you can bitcoin and copycat coins have a subjective personal understanding of the individual subjective judgment of the tendency of the information times news report on virtual currency.

Well, to say copycat coins.

A, Wright currency (LTC)

1. The official introduction of Wright currency: Wright currency (Litecoin), Abbreviation: LTC, currency symbol:; is a point to point “(peer-to-peer) technology based on the network currency, an open source software project is under the MIT/X11 license. It can help the user instant payment to any other person in the world.

By the Wright currency bitcoin (BTC) inspired, and it has the same principle in technology, Wright currency creation and transfer based on an open-source encryption protocol, without any central administration. In order to improve Wright currency bitcoin, compared with three significant differences in Wright currency. The first network, Wright coins every 2.5 minutes (not 10 minutes) can handle a piece, so it can provide faster transaction confirmation. Second, Wright currency network expected output 84 million Wright currency, which is more than four times the amount of currency bitcoin network. Third, Wright coins in its work proof algorithm is used for the first time proposed by Colin Percival scrypt encryption algorithm, which compared to bitcoin, Wright coins were in common computer mining easier. Every coin Wright was divided into 100000000 smaller units, defined by eight decimal places.

2 The related knowledge of Wright currency. Wright currency development time of November 9, 2011, Li Qiwei (Charlie Lee) for developers

Wright coins virtual currency Carnival in the bull market in 2017, from the beginning of April years of 30RMB began leading sideways until December of that year launched, more than 2000RMB, rose to more than 66 times. The way people lamented the coin rounds a day, a year at the same time the world, but did not see the Wright currency brought real value behind. If you want to engage in this line, please calm down to look at the various virtual currency of the white paper, there again with faith, because faith can get the final fruit.

Two, as the world currency (DASH)

1. As the world currency basic introduction. DASH was originally called Diablo coins, is made on the basis of improved technology in bitcoin, with good anonymity and decentralized characteristics, is the first to protect privacy as the essence of digital currency, listen to the name can be felt by the black market like. DASH released a white paper in 2014, issued a total of 1890 million. The DASH came, it was regarded as the most netizens can dream in the currency of Cong.

2 As the world currency related knowledge.

As the world currency is an online operation of the digital currency, launched in January 18, 2014, the user can use up the money for secure online instant payment payment platform for businesses can add created by global millions of users open source store.

As the world currency core formed by P2P network unique incentive system. The miners maintenance block chain security reward; and the master node holder is for the user to verify the transaction data storage, and provide a variety of services and rewards.

The master node represents a new level of network. The chain clusters – they can form high security, provide various services to the center, such as instant transaction, anonymity, decentralized management and so on, at the same time, it can also prevent the low cost of network attack.

Thanks to achieve world currency reward mechanism, network master node it issued since 2014 has increased to 4100, which means that as the world currency P2P network has become one of the world’s largest network.

More node means a higher safety performance, as the world currency can provide all-weather services for the digital currency more end users from around the world.

Three, cloud storage (SC).

1. Cloud storage currency basic introduction. Sia was originally designed to make cloud storage to the center. On this platform, you can store and extract a variety of documents, does not need to worry about your privacy and security documents. Through the use of encryption technology, encryption contracts, and repeated backup, Sia can make a mutual trust and understanding each other is not computer nodes combined into a unified operation logic and program of cloud storage platform. This platform will be more than the traditional cloud storage platform faster, cheaper, and more reliable. Because they do not trust each other computer nodes distributed in the world, Sia can become a valid file and its contents in the case of no need to add the cost of the distribution network. File upload can freely choose the nodes they use, which means they can avoid the nodes in a certain region, or only those they think trusted nodes. To the center refers to a file upload is divided into many small pieces and each piece is stored in different nodes on the computer. The nodes of these files, only a small part of the node can be trusted, you can upload files to both safe and reliable.

2 Knowledge of cloud storage currency.

Cloud storage coins is 3 issue 2015 years 7 months. The white paper links Https:// The Sia system uses an encryption to run its currency to the center of the payment function. Cloud coin storage (Siacoin) can be regarded as the extension of bitcoin in intelligent file on the contract. Like bitcoin, cloud storage currency (Siacoin) also use block chain, and by the verification (PoW) mining operation mechanism. However, the cloud storage currency (Siacoin) and not directly bitcoin competition. Bitcoin is a common currency and coin storage encryption, cloud (Siacoin) is a kind of cloud storage system only for Sia encryption currency.

Three, the end

Many people may have never heard of SC, but in the circle of SC is to let the currency miners love and hate intertwined. The great bull market in 2017, and its related currency speculation, all with “* in the typhoon mouth”, earn bowl full of pots, but this did not make what SC. This is the SC and LTC, DASH and a say one of the reasons.

Another reason is the white paper, there is a strategic role in the future of information storage, it is not in the country, if there is no difference between the aliens, attack the human, storage of such technology, it is of strategic significance.

Finally another important reason is that the SC maintenance team for the faith dare to struggle, create specialized enterprises last year ore mining SC industrial computer, this year the SC team directly got a hard fork, somehow the sacrifice of the “SC” part of the value of belief, but the long term to maintain the normal development of ecological SC the SC is not allowed to be swayed by worldly interests.

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