Bitcoin’s previous life series — Shanzhai EOS (wanton)

Bitcoin preexistence series — copycat $EOS (four)

Tell me what you say today with the current market value of sixth ranked EOS (grapefruit).



A, EOS (grapefruit).

EOS release time for July 2, 2017. For the block chain (Daniel Larimer) BM wizards blockchain platform similar operating system of leadership development, in order to achieve the performance of distributed application expansion. EOS provides account authentication, database, asynchronous communication and in hundreds of CPU or cluster program scheduling. The final form of the technology is a block chain architecture, the block chain can support millions of transactions per second, while ordinary users do not need to pay the cost of using. Raise the price of 7RMB. In December 12, 2018 10 time 20 (EOS/RMB $12.74).

Two, the story for EOS.

2017 is destined to be a virtual currency write a great deal about year, 2017 bull market, is also brewing a variety of copycat All flowers bloom together. coins. Well, there are a lot of common market investors and technology professionals to enter, let the value of the virtual currency in the growing “dispute”. Well, ICO borrowed virtual currency four misappropriating deceptive marketing organization is also the name of the virtual currency under the banner of individual speculators speculation bluff and deceive, an air of currency to leave, until now these “legacy” still let most people hear the virtual currency called “direct air money” “wait for the 0 day value”.

For so much, is the environment for EOS’s appearance. On the EOS, also in 2017 that All flowers bloom together., in this year’s bear market also thriving, through live mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, eventually became the “copycat coin coin air”. The current price of EOS or the public to raise the price of more than 1.8 times.

Three, EOS.

The technical characteristics of each one has its own merits but EOS copycat coins, some characteristics of human nature.

The hero. When EOS came out, like other coins, purposeless so-called growth. Suddenly one day, Li Xiaolai, etc., into the bit currency circle chiefs fayan, in 2017 a variety of coins to follow the trend of speculation under the strong support of domestic currency circle chiefs and mining chiefs, bit, EOS has issued a “military and political leaders rather a kind of peace momentum to bitcoin. Plus EOS is a surface is also good, also caused to understand and do not understand the circle of people feel okay.

The EOS has 21 super node. The super node “fun” has EOS ecological voting rights equivalent to the American system to override the president on the “judge”, any application in the entire EOS ecosystem cannot bypass their “award”. EOS technology by focusing on the calculation of force to a certain extent (21 super node), makes the EOS transaction speed and fault-tolerant performance faster than other public chain. Interests as the main node, they will get most of the EOS annual additional 5% of the revenue of approximately, each node can obtain 2 million 380 thousand EOS annual income, according to the December 12th 10:20 price (EOS/RMB $12.74) a year, a node can be divided to 30 million 321 thousand and 200 yuan reward. This is why this bit, coins to get a mobile phone ring node. A node has both right and interests, real “rich and powerful”.

Bit, released for the EOS node vote advertising

Application of four, EOS.

The application of EOS is very active, the following is the EOS application list. The living water, the viscosity, a coin can be more ecological live. From the current ranking application of gaming, candy, game before application of 3.

EOS the latest ranking

Finally, a rational view of virtual currency, there is not any overnight virtual currency value.

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