Bitfinex is in dispute and sues critics

nCommenting on the runaway: Bitfinex, the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, was recently hit by negative news. In order to get out of this situation, the company has announced a lawsuit against joint law firms that attacked its netizen Bitfinexed, claiming both Not true, is to disrupt the cryptocurrency ecosystem behavior. But in general, Bitfinex should try to solve various problems from its own initiative to proactively prove that innocence may be the most effective way.n
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Bitfinex, the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange with an average daily transaction value of 657 million U.S. dollars, said it is going to take legal measures against critics.n
In a statement to CoinDesk, Stuart Hoegner, Bitfinex’s internal legal counsel, revealed that the company has decided to work with law firm Steptoe u0026 Johnson to file “bad actors” who allegedly provide “false information” to disrupt the cryptocurrency ecosystem challenge.n
Hoegner said, “To date, all the news from these bad actors has apparently been false, just to disrupt the cryptocurrency ecosystem, so Bitfinex decided to uphold its legal rights and prosecute the instigator and his companion.”n
Bitfinex VS. Bitfinex’edn
Bitfinex and its legal team opted not to disclose the identity of the “bad actor” whom it intends to prosecute. But Ronn Torossian, director of communications at Bitfinex, said in a statement that the community can deduce who they are suing.n
Torossian said: “I think you can figure out who it is.” Bitfinex further emphasized that comments made by critics like Bitfinex’ed against the company can be considered dishonest and unlawful as market manipulations. Bitfinex explains: “In recent months, some people and their associates have published unfounded remarks against Bitfinex that may be dishonest and unlawful market manipulation.”n
Earlier on 5 December, Bitfinex issued a statement to the cryptocurrency community, reiterating that Bitfinex’s lawsuit will be defended. Bitfinex’ed said the company is trying to “block” critics, including himself / herself.n
Bitfinex’ed writes: “I formally sought donations from everyone to defend my rights in response to Bitfinex’s boring lawsuit, but I will not release the amount of the cover they promised me.”n
Bitfinex’ed received a donation of 1 bitcoin within six hours of posting the news, worth about $ 11,500.n
Bitfinex’ed said, “I’m grateful to the people who gave me 1 bitcoin, and the funds sent to my bitcoin address will only be used for legal fees.”n
Kenny Seger sent 1 bitcoin to Bitfinex’edn

Other industry experts participate in the debaten
With Bitfinex still the largest Bitcoin exchange on the world market, the recent controversy over Tether has negatively affected Bitfinex’s reputation, as has been noted by other industry leaders.n
Charlie Lee, Litecoin founder and former Coinbase director, spoke about the controversy over Tether and Bitfinex. He encouraged Bitfinex and the Tether development team to provide evidence that each Tether is backed by the U.S. dollar and conducts third-party audits. He believes that third-party audits can prove their solvency, long-term interests for the company and the entire cryptocurrency community.n
“There are concerns that the recent rise in the prices of USDT (Tether), which is not backed by the U.S. dollar in bank accounts, is very strong, and I strongly urge Bitfinex and Tether to conduct a third-party audit to prove their reserves. Please do the right thing. you guys.”n

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