Bitfinex will set up a new exchange and issue new tokens

nnnTrap: Bitfinex, a well-known digital currency exchange, announced that it would set up a new trading platform called Ethfinex. This is a central to the exchange, but also become a multi-party participants in the integrated community and information center. The platform issues the tokens for the Nectar token, but will not be used for all, but as a loyalty points to play a role. In view of the current regulatory situation in the United States, this project does not allow Americans to participate.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nDigital currency exchange Bitfinex said it will launch a new trading platform for ethertop-based tokens.n
nThe new de-centric exchange, called Ethfinex, will serve the token that meets the ERC20 standard. According to Bitcoinity, Bitfinex was founded in 2012, one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world, with trading volume of more than 20% of the total trading volume last week.n
nBitfinex in its announcement pointed out that the summer incident was prompted to rethink how to build a digital currency exchange, when Bitfinex was stolen 60 million US dollars, followed by compensation for the loss of users issued a new token. Bitfinex argues that the issue of the tokens is a profound lesson learned from the exchange of centralization capabilities.n
nBitfinex said that Ethfinex worked as a trading platform, or information center for the Ether Square and tokens projects.n
nThe company wrote in a blog post:n
nn”Ethfinex comes from Bitfinex, which brings the vision of a customer-centric and highly liquid digital asset trading platform.Ethfinex will be a comprehensive community and information center for developers, traders and enthusiasts to promote the ethertail ecosystem In the discussion, development and trading. “n
nnThe exchange will have its own token, that is, Nectar token (NEC). However, Bitfinex has said it will not be carried out, the token will be distributed as a loyalty points to the market maker, a monthly percentage of the transaction costs can be exchanged.n
nThis token will also be used to advise on governance decisions and, according to the Ethfinex White Paper, those holding holdings of 5% or more of NEC will have the right to elect members of the Advisory Committee.n
nNEC denominated transactions are only open to those who have participated in the market maker loyalty program. According to the contents of its white paper, US residents can not participate in the program or trade on the NEC market of its exchange.n

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