Bitpay and Surfeasy launch VPN seamless service, support bitcoin payment

Bitpay and Surfeasy launch VPN seamless service, support bitcoin payment

Recently, SurfEasy announced a partnership with Bitpay, the launch of bitcoin payment service, service process so completely anonymous. In the payment process, the user does not need to worry about leakage of personal information. In a word, bitcoin to a greater extent to ensure the privacy of users.

Many users suggested adding support bitcoin payment options, so SurfEasy and Bitpay combined to create the anonymous payment service. SurfEasy chose BitPay, because it is the trading mechanism fast and stable quality of service. Convenient bitcoin payment allows users away from improper charge and steal information. SurfEasy can protect user privacy, quick connect website and application in Wifi, hot environment to ensure network security, online advertising and user data encryption shield.

Many users want to increase digital currency privacy protection. Bitcoin holds the public ledger accounts of all transactions, so the user does not fall into the privacy of other companies or organizations. The site has been upgraded to VPN, the proxy server and data encryption to ensure the privacy and security of bitcoin users.

BitPay always do my utmost to promote the popularization of bitcoin. By persuading more companies to accept bitcoin, BitPay can also increase the use rate of bitcoin in the world. Since this year, because of many advantages of bitcoin payment, many online services began to accept bitcoin system. The bitcoin system processor to help these companies to stabilize the market, at the same time, it provides many conveniences for them. Bitcoin payment agency plays an important role in the realization of bitcoin payment function.

Recently, BitPay announced plans to the end of 2016, there are 100 thousands of merchants accept bitcoin system. Despite this magnificent goal aside, Bitpay has provided a variety of services for businesses, including application software download, application programming interface, e-commerce plugin and merchant free account. The next step (the monthly fee) will provide users with QuickBooks system integration, intelligent mobile phone service and VPN service. So the above sounds grand and unrealistic goals will be achieved. Pay agency and the increasingly large user group support, a trend which cannot be halted bitcoin. Now bitcoin is a hitherto unknown speed fast growth, which also prompted businesses to accept it faster.

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