BitPay CTO: visa and MasterCard will be leveraging bitcoin

BitPay CTO: visa and MasterCard will be leveraging bitcoin


Bitcoin company headquartered in Georgia, BitPay and credit card issuers are direct competition, because the credit card companies is expected to one day sooner or later will start to use bitcoin.

BitPay CTO Stephen Pair, in a televised interview with CNBC, the company in the payment market position has made the elaboration.

Pair Visa and MasterCard said that such technology has become obsolete, and the results will lead to financial giants to the field of digital currency.

He told CNBC: when we first concern in this area, we find how to solve the problem of credit card payment fraud, credit card is the last century in 50s to design what.

Pair Tell CNBC, BitPay believe that big companies now pay in the market finally had no choice, will use bitcoin “this gives us great confidence going forward, if one day, MasterCard and visa to enter the field, then compared to the competition, more should be the new technology and application of bitcoin.” Of course, customer acceptance is low the problem difficult many bitcoin practitioners.

This problem could be attributed to the public less cognitive problems and lack of bitcoin bank entry knowledge. Although like BitPay, Coinbase and Circle the company earlier into the bitcoin industry, but the credit card companies can more easily use bitcoin.

BitPay Now some companies are willing to accept bitcoins as payment, like WordPress and TigerDirect is two to accept the best examples of digital currency payment.

Pair That said there will be more companies to join in, and many large organizations have studied the benefits of digital currency for consumers.

In addition, he also added that many large companies are looking for the next big event in the future will be what. Pair think it will be faster bitcoin is generally accepted faster than expected: “I think bitcoin is generally accepted faster faster than we imagine, I think there are now many people begin to pay attention to it.”

The TV then introduced in May 13th released BitPay A round of investment, the investment sources including fund founder including Richard Branson and Peter Tell, etc..

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