Bitpay Exec forecast: 2019 bitcoin price could reach $20 thousand

With bitcoin prices, CNBC and Peng Bo (Bloomberg) and other mainstream media have increased in this field reports. In order to provide insight to the audience, Bloomberg Television (Bloomberg TV) Zhang Huiqing (Emily Chang) recently hosted a bitcoin chief business officer Sonny Singh (Sonny Singh) program.

Singer is a rich experience in the technology industry experts, he briefly ignore market performance bitcoin bad, that bitcoin has become a hot topic in the mainstream and “brand”. Bitcoin suffered selling pressure, the market performance fell below $4500.

On the market, he hinted at a point of view that the price trend is not truly reflect the fundamentals. Therefore, Singer went on to explain that, before deciding in the direction of the development of bitcoin, is unlikely to occur in real prices. The development direction of bitcoin may be with the upcoming Bakkt and fidelity digital asset service (Fidelity Digital Asset Services), BlackRock (Blackrock) may enter the bitcoin, and Square on the double pressure of encryption products and implementation. Zhang Zhiying (Emily Chang) to stabilize the mood, then asked Singer to Jamie Damon (Jamie Dimon) against bitcoin’s remarks in a way “was proved to be correct” view. For the uninitiated, JP Morgan (JP Morgan) the Damon (Dimon) repeatedly criticized bitcoin on television, said bitcoin is a fraud. Although his speech was set aside because they are made in Aiselisimu world news (Ethereum World News) to convey a encryption experience recently reported in, but some people said that he won the last laugh”.

Chang mentioned bitcoin cash long-standing dispute, ask Singer about other encryption assets. Singer seems to be the highest principle of bitcoin, he explained that the world’s first block chain network and the “all other” between “and” difference. Singer echoed Spencer Bogart block chain Capital (Spencer Bogart) point of view, he said bitcoin is 800 pound gorilla”. He pointed out that the world’s first encryption currency has a network of the most significant effect “to the center of the network”. In order to support his argument, Singer pointed out that the mechanism of the existing mechanism is concentrating on the bitcoin, rather than replace bitcoin, then he added, “don’t know what will happen to other bitcoin”. However, he pointed out that unless the bitcoin survive, otherwise the 1CO market is likely to have died

In the future, the Bitpay executive in Bloomberg (Bloomberg) concluded in an article in 2019 before Thanksgiving, this emerging industry may usher in a ETF encryption, fidelity (Fidelity) platform, and a large number of funds available for start-ups. So, keep these positive developments in the forefront, and taking into account the BTC has just begun, he concluded that each BTC 15 thousand to $20 thousand is not impossible.

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Source: ethereumworldnews

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