BitPay:2019, bitcoin may reach 15 million to 2 million

The global encrypted payment BitPay’s chief commercial officer (COO) predicted that by the end of 2019, bitcoin (BTC) will reach $15 thousand to $20 thousand. Chief operating officer Sonny Singh told Bloomberg in November 22nd made the forecast.

Singer told reporters that these financial giants to enter this field, by the end of 2019, bitcoin prices could soar to 15 thousand to $20 thousand.

In addition to the traditional financial companies to launch products based on password, Singh password also pointed out that the market itself has changed, the password exchange and wallet provider Coinbase and password of bank Silvergate and other established companies are stepping up to the initial public offering (IPO) possible.

Singer expects an exciting moment next year will usher in: from the “black rock” company or fidelity (Fidelity) encryption and exchange traded funds based on product launch (ETF), will inject vitality into this field. At the same time, investors are leading the industry with the traditional “bits and coin payment basis for the market position.

Singer pointed out that “the 1C0 market is currently quite dead”, suggesting that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to increase the intervention of the symbolic signs, the future market is not a good sign. In an interview in September this year, Singer outlined a similar argument, namely encryption market is in a “decisive moment” on the threshold of the “decisive moment” will be accompanied by large institutional investors to enter the market, will become a reality in 2019 “”.

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Source: cointelegraph

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