Bitreserve in China, launched to pay the exchange real-time visual tools

Bitreserve in China, launched to pay the exchange real-time visual tools

Bitcoin payment processing company Bitreserve, previously raised by the public platform CrowdCube in the B round of financing to raise $9 million 600 thousand, once again aroused attention. Never stop the pace of the bitreserve, in March this year in China market, and launched a real-time visualization tool

The new payment tool, real-time visual exchange As a real-time visualization of 3D data visualization tools, characteristics of using the latest mobile phone browser, users can in the intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer and client computer check at any time to coordinate, all users hold and send which bits of currency. From January 2015 to begin preparations for the website construction process, share 8 weeks, officially launched in March this year.

Talking about its start, founder and CEO Halsey Minor said he believes the new tool is the digital currency, inclusiveness, fairness and transparency.

The executive director of Anders J China? Rnkrok explained, “in today’s financial services industry is not fully transparent, a lot of the time we don’t know all the information bits; thus storage tend to give all our users the right to know more. The establishment of the micro website also shows once again that we provide all users with 360 degree omni-directional information is determined to open, convenient for users to query each of the funds to.”

Anders profile pic Chinese District executive director Anders J rnkrok?

In Chinese, bitreserve= bit storage

Bitreserve recently launched Chinese website, its name is “Chinese bit storage”. The office located in Shanghai, is more direct and effective user interaction with China area.

Bit storage area is mainly in China preparatory work. Anders said, “considering the Chinese huge market share, bitcoin transactions, and the degree of bitcoin active users, we sincerely hope to be able to further understand the Chinese needs of users in order to better provide services for them, of course, the current membership number Chinese area in an accumulation of early stage, which is why we will devote more energy to the China area.”

“Bits of storage in the early establishment of decision in China District Office,” Anders said, “we think in terms of storage area for the Chinese bit if not the largest market is the most important market, many local bitcoin related company’s development speed and scale of the impressed us, we also hope that through and when a fellow the bitcoin partnership.”

6 yuan, 8 languages, 4 kinds of precious metals and bitcoin

Bitreserve was founded in 2014, with bitcoin and five kinds of legal tender (including RMB exchange). To today, the bit storage is available in 8 languages, support 4 kinds of rare metals and 6 kinds of legal currency.

Bit storage for users to use bitcoin account recharge, they can choose to convert into dollars (USD), (EUR) the euro, pound, RMB (GBP) (CNY) (JPY), the yen and the Swiss Franc (CHF) six currency, bitcoin price volatility to avoid deposit protection. At the same time, they can also bitcoin payment.

Bit storage because of the transparency to obtain the trust of users, as of press time, the bit storage member with total assets of $1269058.27, total assets of $1396197.50 of its reserves.

In terms of security, the use of Amazon Service as a Web bit storage server to provide more security. Anders said, “bit reservoir comprehensive security assessment, trying to use the best technology and technological means the most suitable to improve the safety of the platform, such as system security, the safety of the product itself, software installation and network links, and even our employee degree of supervision. Occupation background management bit storage mostly have other successful Financial Services Company, believe that we can experience occupation safely stored information and make good use of property.”

Bit storage founder HalseyMinor wrote in February 9, 2015 on the blog: 5 years later, bitcoin will not exist. This sentence has been interpret out of context.

谈到写这篇文章的初衷,Halsey这样解释:“原意并非是说比特币会消失,而是说比特币会更加广泛地渗入到我们的生活。 For example, “TCP/IP”, HTTP, HTML, and the Internet, everyone who uses the Internet will be exposed to TCP/IP, but many users do not know what is now TCP/IP, like bitcoin as in the development of the Internet, maybe a lot of people do not understand the bitcoin protocol, but did not affect more and more people use bits currency.”

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