Bitsoko Kenny in promoting bitcoin’s education

Bitsoko Kenny in promoting bitcoin’s education

Bitsoko is by the Gates Foundation (Bill & Melinda, Gates Foundation) to aid in Africa, mobile integrated payment as the goal and block chain technology, digital currency wallet company, his headquarters in Nairobi. Through the start-up, only people from the mobile phone remittance transaction fee requires only 0.1% of the company’s purpose is to make money more convenient transfers to Kenya, will bring the people of Africa digital currency.

Bitsoko is a Nairobi based Android digital currency wallet company, by the Gates Foundation (Bill & Melinda, Gates Foundation) to aid in Africa The integration of mobile payment to target and block chain technology. Through the start-up, the intelligent mobile phone as long as 0.1% people from the remittance transaction fee. The company’s mission is to bring digital currency to the African people, and make the transfer of funds to Kenya more convenient.

Recently, Bitsoko announced plans to sponsor a series held in Kenya Nairobi and block chain educational activities. Since then, iHub innovation center will be held monthly to block chain education plan Computer network design of the 6 activities as the main content, the activities also bring the local employment opportunities.

This start-up company is now trying to design more wallet service, in order to improve the use of bitcoin in Kenya.

Bitsoko co-founder Alan Juma said: We have included restaurants and local businesses, such as Internet cafes, signed a contract. If you go to the local restaurant, you can pay with bitcoin, bitcoin restaurant owners will be sent to us, we will send money to the restaurant owner as equivalent exchange. We are trying to build local infrastructure is bitcoin.”

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