Black Friday: bitcoin fell $4300, $120 a square Ethernet

The global encryption currency investors dismay, as capitalist international incarnation, “black Friday” (Black Friday) is getting closer and closer to us, bitcoin (Bitcoin), Fang (Ethereum) and Ethernet (altcoin than most alternative currency copycat currency) continue to decline.

Recently, BTC fell below $4300, Ethereum fell to $120. From the beginning of the 14 day on Wednesday, the etheric coin had a week of almost uninterrupted selling pressure. As you probably know, in the known as “Eve” bitcoin cash hard fork, the market experienced a few weeks as after the emergence of a large number of selling pressure, resulting in bitcoin and ETH below the expected level of support.

In spite of the sell-off, encryption currency market showed a stable on the surface, but on Thursday afternoon (Greenwich time at around 1 a.m. Friday), bitcoin tumbled further, quickly fell below $4500 a few days ago at the bottom. At the time of this writing, BTC’s valuation of $4250 per share, an all-time high compared to its $20 thousand fell 78%. The trend today marks the bitcoin second times recently fell below $4300. After Ethereum followed by the “Godfather”, encryption currency fell to $120 from $130, or about 7%, close to Arthur Hayes (Arthur Hayes) on ETH become the assumption of “double digit”. As usual, altcoin, ETH and XRP followed by BTC (down to $0.415, day declines of -7%), become the undisputed leader in the market. In this market, the loss of more than 10% known to every family, it is not strange in the past week. Due to a new round of selling pressure, the total value of all assets to encryption low so far this year, 1370 billion dollars, which is the lowest level since mid month 9 2017 years……

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Source: ethereumworldnews

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