Blackmail software into the US government website, public hazards is not clear

nnnAdventure Comments: Cerber extortion software in various forms, has been there for more than a year. Last year all kinds of extortion software attacks were frequent, and blackmail was paid. Cerber also attacked the US government agency official website, the United States national forest fire coordination group.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nIn August 2017, computer researchers found extortion software at the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG). This malicious downloader was first discovered by NewSky Security researcher Ankit Anubhav.n
nIt is not clear how long the blackmail software embedded in the government official website, do not know whether there have been malicious documents victims.n
nAlthough the document has been removed, but it can invade the government official domain name of the facts cause concern. Most of these domain names are in the whitelist of the security project, that is, any download from such a website is generally safe and trustworthy.n
nSome information about malicious filesn
nResearchers say malicious files are embedded in the Cerber extortion software downloader. Like most of the extortion software, Cerber attacks the infected device by encrypting it, and only the owner agrees to pay the royal currency to re-access the file.n
nCerber extortion software has been in existence for more than a year, a variety of forms, including extortion software as a service (ransomware-as-a-service) attack, you can buy in the dark network forum. Also found in the form of spam and botnets.n
nTelecommunications company Telefonica blackmail software analyst Mariano Palomo Villafranca said, Cerber downloader also comes from the popular malicious domain name.n
nIt is not yet known how the Cerber Downloader enters the NWCG website. Anubhav deduced that the government officials received the mail in the virus file, making the site was attacked. Mail and malicious downloader are archived into the site.n
nNWCG has not yet officially disclosed the processing and handling of malicious files.n
nMore and more extortion software attacks last year aimed at politicians, universities, and even private companies to extortion. While these Cerber attacks are unclear, it has raised the question of whether government agencies should re-access network information. Obviously no one has an impeccable network security, because even if 65% of the US banks failed to pass the latest security test.n

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