Bleed bitcoin, let me lose two million true stories a year

“A year of heaven, one year to two years is a cycle. “Wang Yang said, referring to the bitcoin market.

At the beginning of 2017, bitcoin prices in seven thousand yuan or so, at the end of 2017, rose to one hundred and thirty thousand yuan, after the way down, forming a flat on both sides, such as the middle steep blade curve. This curve represents the trend of the digital currency market for two years.

Wang Yang complete this experience the wonders of the big boom at the beginning of 2017, he entered a year, assets of over 10 times, the market value from two hundred and sixty thousand to more than three million roll.

The first time this “Raptor” investment goods, Wang Yang Meng, he is the financial rookie, do not know stop loss, profit, timely cash, secured this set, “if I understand it, you may earn 50% throw, simply can not wait to the top of the hill scenery. “

At the end of November 2017, bitcoin prices have rocketed to one hundred and twenty thousand and one. This makes Wang Yang have emboldened sitting at the desk opposite, asked to resign. The employer is willing to pay 2000 to 10000 left him, “how to edit the book, wages not less! “You still have to find a good home? “

Wang Yang laughed and told him, “I’m not going anywhere, I do bitcoin fortune, does not want to work. “

“Can finally bid farewell to the job! “For Wang Yang, this is a great surprise.

Together, Wang Yang after graduating from college, has been in the Beijing private book company spent three years as a Book editor. At least eight books a year.

His degree is 2 Margery professional, in addition to the teachers and civil servants, almost no counterparts in their professional work on the market, to find the job, not what to complain about, but:

He is doing most of the public version of the book, the world masterpiece, the ancient classic literature, the Republic of China, do, as long as a person died more than 50 years, the copyright protection period, “design a beautiful candy color cover for an old book, a gimmick, what the unabridged version, correct version, fine mistranslate Bilingual edition, vernacular masterpiece edition… On the streets to sell! “Wang Yang said.

So “no technical content, but a variety of stuff”, he hated to.

The new work also has the hair, his hands are “cheat girl tears youth novel.”. The novel can be seen everywhere in this sentence: “in the world of love, every one of us is a trainee” wish you and love the people together to waste your life, tears, let Wang Yangbian look like, “in the summer when the air conditioning can make”. Moreover, this kind of novel author inside, a considerable proportion is gay, because when they book editor, Wang Yang was harassed, “when talking of the manuscript, praise my lovely, to act in pettish tone asked me to take him out to play… “

There is no public hot emotion master, “write the kind of buttock lift is a chicken soup, designed to teach women how to treat themselves, to save a twenty article is a book. “

As well as the company’s relationship, “the language level, write 3 sentences can have 4 grammatical errors the author of junior high school, because she is the only company signed the writer’s wife, you have to release her nose to school. “

So the fast pace of large-scale work “ugly, he hated to feel the life is wasted,” if the money is also in Beijing for the landlord to work. “

Wang Yang did not expect to get rid of this work on bitcoin, bitcoin is because I believe he voted to center, security, privacy, global free flow of logic, that belongs to the currency of the future. When the price of RMB 7000, 8000 yuan from the previous highs of only one step away, in the eyes of many veteran, is not a good time to buy, but Wang Yang did not wait for, “I really believe this, one after another, put their savings into the cast. “

Unexpectedly, bitcoin “so quickly changed his life.”.

After the resignation, Wang Yang really had a comfortable life. My girlfriend went to Deshengmen to work in the bookstore, he at home opportunity Kuaijinkuaichu a bitcoin transaction, earn thousands of yuan price.

Sleep until noon every day, go downstairs to eat a face, then to play near the pool hall, to see. The boss is very generous, wearing a dark look at him every day to play down jacket, take off coat inside a small T-shirt, with Super Saiyan hair like zhileng, think he needs help, he returned to the job.

Kick the ball, his girlfriend in the work, WeChat to discuss what delicious, guangximen Yang, Jingan senior, Hot pot material, Zuojiazhuang steam seafood… Go up. For a long time, two people did not do at home after dinner.

Wang Yang lives near the original unit, sometimes walk to the company downstairs, please close to former colleagues out to eat a meal, chat, old colleagues envy between the words of love, make Wang Yang feel “is really a lucky dog”.

Then is the currency and understanding of the circle of friends out to eat Hesse Hu, what people have, returnees, programmers, teachers, journalists, small business owners, with currency prices, net worth expanded several times, ten times, and pay for all the glow of pride, and are smug. In addition to exchange their course to deduct, “grass root” stand up, talk is now speculation which copycat currency’s most profitable, more contacts, Wang Yang didn’t think these people have anything to prove, “is the first step to get the information, see the opportunity. “

And like them, Wang Yang had no doubt that the future of bitcoin because of crazy or casts a thousand beams., let more people know bitcoin, more and more people are interested in it, a small circle of investment goods are becoming popular, “a lot of globalization, no approach people want to share, no currency price the highest, only higher. “

During that time, Search Ranking, bitcoin is a popular fried chicken – which country announced support bitcoin payment, which Wall Street bigwigs shelling bitcoin, which large exchange on-line bitcoin transactions, and almost all of the events require hackers extortion bitcoin payment… Good news, bad news, the news every day. 2017 years, bitcoin ranked Google search heat hot topic list in two year. Defeated Korea, Las Vegas shootings and other hot topics.

On bitcoin dug the first pot of gold, Wang Yang’s plan is to do business, catering accommodation, what, when his boss, a big step by step. The ultimate realization of a common field of youth in Beijing.

However, the plan changes.

In February 2018, bitcoin plummeted from one hundred and twenty thousand to sixty thousand cliff, “early rise too hard, need to adjust the” priceless cow back “, Wang Yang calmly took one hundred thousand yuan savings girlfriend copy bottom.

March, Google, twitter, Facebook has banned advertising digital currency.

May, after Buffett, Bill Gates shelling worthless bitcoins, is a flower drum “knucklehead” investment, Munger said traders were “idiotic” — “like to see someone in the transaction shit, you decide you can’t give down. “

From June to September, bitcoin has been up and down in forty-five thousand. Wang Yang began to fill in from the bank, Alipay, Tencent to borrow 200 small particles of several positions (the annual interest rate of 7 ~ 12%).

In October, the “richest man” Li Xiaolai coin ring out a Book of “self cultivation” is the leek, leek cut out the “comment and let them spend forty dollars to get an earful. At this time, Google search heat bitcoin has been reduced to 8, less than 1/10 of the peak period.

In November, bitcoin in 11 days plunged 44%, the minimum fell to twenty-five thousand, compared to a year ago highs of one hundred and thirty thousand, only a fraction of. This price is already below the cost of mining bitcoin mining revenue even the tariff does not come back to earn, resulting in closure of the quarry, mining machine chip manufacturer sale, stock price plummeted.

This is a bloody massacre, Wang Yang participated in a group of friends to coin:

A thirty year old Hubei boy, do the geological exploration work in a state-owned enterprise in Beijing, Yanjiao is prepared to pay social security, after three years to buy a house there, real estate are optimistic about the future of Seoul Tiancheng, Pinggu subway line on the side. He began to buy currency in October last year, and his wife has invested all the savings of 400 thousand, also banks borrowed 180 thousand consumer loans, now in the hands of bitcoin and the market value of the remaining 150 thousand of the etheric fang. He joked in the group, “the bad news is that Ethernet square fell 80%, the good news is that woman’s house fall is also very powerful, my loss is back up. “

In Chongqing hard for programmers, fifteen years, 1 million 200 thousand deposit, at the end of last year to enter, have all voted in, the peak of up to 1 million 500 thousand, the plan is up to two million, return home town to buy a house, you do a little business, “farewell to do dog life in Chongqing. Now, he’s only 440 thousand, the group sent overtime through the night for everyone to see the photos out of the window, QQ signature is “going out”.

There is suffering from diabetes and laid-off workers in Nanchang sales, a day to third insulin, could not work. In order to seize the opportunity in the bitcoin soared, before the deteriorating health left to the children of wealth invested all their savings, the family houses a mortgage to the bank, the first two months of this year, put a total of 110 million, the market value is now also left 40 million, “don’t know what to do, cut meat finished, not flesh, interest will soon carry, at home have to pretend nothing like children, read the third day, not to let him know… “

This is bitcoin investment, Ethernet and other major currencies “Fang” conservative investors, those who cast coins, cast mine copycat, often face value zero and debt outcome, even more tragic.

Digital Money Forum Wang Yang used to go, the same cry everywhere, “I have at home so many years to save four hundred thousand of the remaining twenty thousand thanks to the wife! “At the beginning of 18 admission. Three million to seventy thousand, the wife from the car. “5 approach, now under 1 million lever, want to hit the window on a flight! “

Also gloat, “ha ha, I voted in five thousand, now we have one thousand. Lao Tzu do not feel bad, on when to spend money to see a show. “

There are selling the rope and hair dryer, the rope can support the weight of a man, hair dryer, electricity can be thrown into the bathtub, “trust the keys to heaven”, for all possible period of want or need…

Wang Yang is pleased that in this miserable conference, he also did not on the row number. Until now, his principal without fear, only assets shrunk badly — from three million to nine hundred thousand, including two hundred thousand liabilities.

It was like a dream.

He and his girlfriend talked about this thing, my girlfriend said: “a drift by prodding! “Later, go out to eat Hot pot carefully. “

The resignation of rest after six months, Wang Yang had to find work, company operations, red incubator network education, media publicity, publicity, advertising film and television… Can catch the edges of the recruitment resume, “no way, hand tight money! “

When October, he found a knowledge of the paid products, after all, is grilled book, “a variety of books, books, professional marketing speech book plus online search information, chew chewing Pakistan Pakistan, spit paste ground, 20 a grid, each grid paste a little, that is two lessons, you 5 dollars per class sold. “Wang Yang described his work.

The intensity of work, early ten to late ten pm. Beijing winter, morning and evening, from Wudaokou and blew his face pain to the North Sanhuan wind, “make more money than the original dry book editor is better than where to go. “

In addition to hard work, and lost. On bitcoin had earned a lot of money, then come back as an ordinary office worker, the mentality of a little steady live, and smoking friends when chatting, could not help but complain, “now one month salary, which I did last year bitcoin trading day income” and “if I were in one hundred thousand when cash well” so pay what time the head count “.

No way, only by.

According to Bloomberg, bitcoin may in 2019 fell to ten thousand yuan. In that case, Wang Yang has become the principal 300, 200 back losses.

“Even if the fall to the extent that I would not sell! “Wang Yang said. Because “everything has not changed, bitcoin still has global free circulation, to the center, security, privacy, rare property,” that I believe it is the future of monetary factors, are still. “

Moreover, the bitcoin crash plunged from a high drop of more than 70%, this is the fourth time in history, “the first three times in the fall after a geometric series high, this time it would be an exception? “

According to analysts, the reason of this round of digital currency plummeted is the economic downturn, the dollar interest rate hike to various asset prices, no new money to support bitcoin prices. In addition, after 2017 years of a wave of the bull market, many people have to cash out, leading to the market leaving a feather.

“Wang Yang not to regard it as right, this belated effort has no meaning. “

He believes that the currency circle chiefs Zhao Dong’s advice, from now on for two years, bitcoin only buy not sell, buy more or more money gets, “if you and I do believe that after three years the price of bitcoin is 5~10 million dollars, then buy now you have money, only three. In order to fulfill it, you earn money is time. “

He decided to wait until the day breaks out, a hurricane, just do not know that one day will arrive at what time.

Now, a new piece of currency ring is $four thousand – $three thousand is not the end, wash, prepare two thousand, one thousand semi warehouse, eight hundred semi warehouse, five hundred shuttle, three hundred is still down two hundred, selling one hundred can suck, down, let’s roof “.

PS: this does not constitute any investment advice.

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