Block Chain and Education: A Great Concept to Dare to Vision

nnnIt is not yet paid too much attention in the application of the chain chain, but the technology has a very important role in verifying the education certificate and ensuring the authenticity of the information. The relevant technical staff should carefully explore the concept and dare to imagine the prospect, because it will solve the major problems for education certification, and ultimately make labor resources more flexible and trustworthy, so as to promote the development of all walks of life.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nYou may have experienced this kind of thing: in the interview of the job or university, the interviewer sitting on your opposite, carefully check the paper listed on your qualifications certification, and you can feel she does not believe you.n
nFacts have proved that the interviewer should be skeptical. According to a recent survey, more than half of the resume and job applications have false content, more than three quarters of misleading content.n
nLast week, Sony announced its progress in developing a block-chain platform for storing and sharing educational records. The project, in partnership with IBM, aims to reduce fraud and make it easier to share information with third parties to facilitate recruitment and evaluation.n
nThis goal is worth the effort. The forgery of educational certificates restores the development of technology to a large extent and still exists in different databases in different formats.n
nHowever, Sony’s plans to work with specific organizations will miss out on greater opportunities: scalability and influence.n
nCredible creditsn
nCertificates are useful and need to be universally recognized and validated. In education, this is still mainly a manual process, usually requiring paper documents and one by one to check.n
nA block-chain platform can help solve trust and distribution problems, but contrary to this decentralized technology, this could mean taking a centralized solution.n
nSo why use the block chain? Does the immutable database with access privilege solve the problem?n
nAs always, it depends on the overall vision. Perhaps Sony’s goal is to start from a small scale, and then gradually expand, covering a wide range of educators. Thus, on this road of development, the sharing of data provided and distributed by distributed books becomes an important factor.n
nHowever, even so, this targeted and licensed approach may still encounter scale bottlenecks and quality control issues (who decide which institutions deserve it).n
nIn addition, it can evolve into a “two-tier” system, some of the more powerful economic strength of the school will be involved, while others will not. Worse still, it could lead to the emergence of a chaotic market, different technologies and standards to compete.n
nThe goal is bign
nThe faster and more reliable way to expand is to work with an organization that is responsible for deciding which educational institutions are trustworthy, namely, the official education certification body.n
nMost jurisdictions have such institutions, which means that the verification of education has been completed. However, the collaboration between them is limited and there is a lot of duplication, which is a block-chain platform that can help solve the problem.n
nThe certification body can manage the system, update the university to access and verify the type of certificate.n
nMore importantly, they can provide better adjustment recommendations in terms of sectoral change. With the emergence of new universities and forms of learning, the nature of certification is changing. In addition, “lifelong learning” is not just a buzzword, because the skills need to be updated, career development path becomes more flexible.n
nThe platform and “top-down” approach to organizations that are prepared to respond to trends and needs are better able to meet the changing needs of the market than the fragmented “bottom-up” strategy.n
nThis will also increase the confidence of employers and students, and ultimately conducive to the formation of more flexible and more qualified labor resources.n
nThis is a difficult task for any new technology. However, this demand is clear, the advantages of technology is also very impressive, the program may eventually be open, universal and fair.n
nWhile testing and iteration is important, small-scale solutions may eventually create more libraries and layers. And the identity of the relevant areas, to dare to imagine its impact.n

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