Block chain and global health care industry


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nThe popularity of global travel, more and more people travel and health care services linked. This change is based on medical tourism.n
nThis concept refers to people traveling abroad in order to get cheaper and higher quality medical services. Whether it is medical beauty, dental implant, joint replacement or other medical services, this trend is the new routine of medical and health globalization.n
nThe growth of demand for such services in the world has made Dubai the center of this new trend quickly, known as the “chain-centric medical tourism.”n
nChange the desert of the countryn
nDubai plans to build a world-class reputation for the global health center. And in view of the geographical location of Dubai and the convenience of inbound travel, as a simple option for all locations around the world.n
nIn collaboration with Dubai Emirates Integrated Telecomunications Company and NMC Healthcare through the chain-chain development company Guardtime, the block-chain technology is used in domestic testing to improve the authenticity, safety and patient data sharing between medical service providers. The trust. What is the ultimate goal? In order to ensure a comprehensive electronic medical record database, it is also part of the UAE in 2020 through the block chain protection government record project.n
nThis project is seen as a potential solution for the general problem of existing medical ecology in Dubai, that is, most hospitals are unable to share access to patient records, and are also global problems. This brings inconvenience to the patient and takes a lot of time for doctors and other medical practitioners.n
nThe use of block chains to achieve unimpeded medical information flow will enable patients to easily and efficiently consult any doctor in the NMC system. While helping NMC to manage medical risks, such as data analysis and other tools to deal with the virus outbreak.n
nSolve the emergency situation on the roadn
nBlock chains and medical tourism For the time being, it is a challenge for consumers to use foreign hospital services in emergency situations. Lack of personal medical records to the doctor at a disadvantage, may lead to lower than the standard medical and even hurt. Segment chain technology is therefore seen as a potential solution for obtaining medical records from patients in emergencies.n
nThe timeliness of access to medical records is a high-quality medical management and life-saving tool. And the block chain can record important medical records to access the situation and take the process. It can also provide consumers with the means to choose their own medical type, including pre-medical instructions and natural death laws.n
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