Block Chain Annual Report – Background


nTraditional Internet challengesn
nAugust 16, 2017, Tencent released the news, WeChat live users over 963 million … … Now, the Internet has been completely integrated into the real life, into something like air, essential, omnipresent. When the Internet is no longer a giants only exist in the world, many people are looking forward, what will happen next?n
nMarch 5, 2015 at the twelfth session of the National People’s Congress three meetings, “Internet” this industry vocabulary first appeared in the “government work report”. Premier Li Keqiang put forward the “Internet” action plan for the first time in his government work report.n
nIn accordance with the National Development and Reform Commission “on the implementation of the National Economic and Social Development Plan in 2014 and the 2015 national economic and social development plan draft report” Glossary: ​​”Internet” represents a new economic form, that is, give full play to the Internet in the production factor configuration In the optimization and integration of the Internet, the innovative achievements of the depth of integration in the economic and social fields, to enhance the real economy of innovation and productivity, the formation of a broader Internet infrastructure and the realization of tools for economic development of new forms.n
n”Internet” action plan will focus on promoting cloud computing, Internet of things, large data as the representative of a new generation of information technology and modern manufacturing, production services, such as the integration of innovation, development and expansion of new formats, to create new industrial growth, For the public entrepreneurship, innovation to provide the environment for the industry to provide support for intelligent, enhance the momentum of economic development and promote the upgrading of the national economy to enhance quality.n
nPopular said, “the Internet” is “the Internet all traditional industries”, but this is not a simple sum of the two, but the use of information and communication technology and the Internet platform, with the traditional industry in-depth integration and create new development ecology.n
nThe reason why when our industry can enter the “Internet”, the big reason is that the Internet has become the same infrastructure as electricity and water, is every industry needs, and can be one of the combination. The Internet as a most commonly used communication tool, making the interaction between the world more and more closely, but accompanied by a huge gap between the trust. Because after communication, whether it can really generate mutual trust, and in the case of mutual trust to reach a consensus, but not the current Internet is good at. At present, we are now the longest Internet is the transmission of information, which is what we call the “information Internet” reasons. With the emergence of cloud computing, large data and other technologies, we have been able to achieve massive data management. And many industries can use Internet-based cloud computing and large data technology, to start more innovation.n
n”Internet” action plan can also be considered in this context, in recent years, we see many similar to the shared economy, Internet finance and many other innovative models continue to emerge. However, it can be noted that Internet technology is not a panacea, although it has changed profoundly like a lot of postal, advertising or media industries, but it can not be used to replace many of the intermediary services. Because many of the services must be achieved by believing a trusted third party, such as a third party payment is such a service. “Information Internet” is good at making information transmission and management, but can not do not rely on third parties to achieve credible data records.n
nWhen the Internet makes global communication more frequent, people from anywhere in the world often need to be trusted before they can be further collaboration. Therefore, we can also think that to achieve the center of the information, is the basis of large-scale global collaboration. However, the existing mainstream database technology architecture is private and central, in this framework is never able to solve the problem of value transfer and mutual trust. And block-chain technology through the center of technology, into the real strong endorsement of the large data era.n
nWhat is the block chain?n
nIn the narrow sense, Blockchain refers to a consensus mechanism designed by cryptography, where multiple nodes together maintain a continuous growth, constructed by timestamps and ordered records of data blocks Distributed Database Technology of Chain List Books.n
nIf in a broad sense it can be used in the untrusted environment, the use of distributed nodes and consensus algorithm to generate and update trusted data records, the use of cryptography to ensure data transmission and access to the security, the use of automated script code composed of intelligent contracts (DLT, Distributed Ledger Technology), which is a new distributed infrastructure and computing paradigm for operation.n
nBlock chain is an innovative application model of distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm and other computer technology in the Internet age. Block-chain technology is considered to be subversive innovation in the computing model of mainframes, personal computers, and the Internet, and is likely to cause a new technological innovation and industrial change on a global scale. The United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, as well as the United States, Britain, Japan and other countries on the development of block chain to give high attention to actively explore the application to promote the block chain. At present, the application of block chain has been extended to the Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, digital asset transactions and other fields.n
nAt present, the block chain technology is called by many large organizations is a radical change in business and even the way the organization of a major breakthrough technology. At the same time, like cloud computing, large data, Internet of things and other new generation of information technology, block chain technology is not a single information technology, but relying on the existing technology, to be a combination of originality and innovation, in order to achieve the previous Function.n
nSo it can be said that the new generation of block information technology integration, creating a block chain technology in the financial sector and non-financial areas such as a wide range of application space.n
nYou can see, the chain of chain companies in the field of the company is also mushrooming. These start-ups have used block-chain technology in a number of areas, both financial and non-financial. Among them, the financial sector includes payment of remittances, smart bonds, asset issuance and settlement of transactions and other applications. In the non-financial areas, including digital certificates, Internet of things, supply chain, medical, public welfare, cultural and entertainment applications. In addition, there have been some technology companies that provide development platforms for block-chain developers.n
nMany experts predict that block-chain technology will be the most disruptive technology since the creation of the Internet. In view of the increasing number of industries that have been subverted by distributed books, this prediction seems likely to be possible. In addition to the often mentioned financial industry has been in the testing and implementation of block-chain technology to improve operating efficiency and reduce the cost of financial transactions, there are many industries facing subversion.n
nFrom the Internet to the block chainn
nChanges in basic database technologyn
nFrom a technical point of view, block chain technology as a new timeline database technology, but also marks the relational database from the “Internet” era, to enter the timeline database to lead the “block chain” era.n
nWith the rise of the Internet web2.0 site, the traditional relational database in response to web2.0 site, especially large and high concurrent SNS type of web2.0 pure dynamic website has become powerless, exposed a lot of difficult to overcome the problem, And NoSQL’s database is due to its own characteristics have been very rapid development. NoSQL, refers to non-relational database, which is generated in order to solve the large-scale data collection of multiple data types of challenges, especially large data application problems.n
n(GFS, Bigtable, MapReduce) laid the foundation for Google’s big data, and Google’s Pagerank algorithm to achieve almost the most advanced data search algorithm. PageRank determines the level of a page through the vast network of hyperlinks. Google interprets the link from page A to page B as page A to vote on page B. Google determines the new level based on the source of the poll (even the source of the source, that is, the page that links to page A) and the voting target. Simply put, a high-level page can raise the level of other low-level pages. And this technology is the second phase of the data referred to in this chapter, through the complex design of the network and the algorithm to reorganize and summarize the original seemingly unrelated data can be classified as high-quality data classification, large data and Complex network models become possible.

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