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Block chain project, is to act as the future technology, which will become the cornerstone of the next generation of the Internet?

Hashrate forum focus block chain industry, the monthly collection of relevant information together with the observation, welcome comments and revelations.

Bitcoin, the New York Stock Exchange announced support for ICE Bakkt bitcoin products will be listed in December 12th, the recent market crash that is temporary, and the reason is, war force adjustment fund positions, quantitative trading and other reasons. Bitcoin cash markets began after the bifurcation announced the use of BCHABC or BCHSV, estimates will no longer use the name BCH, which is expected to Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash will no longer name confusion.

Ethernet square, founder Vitalik Buterin has released 2 of the roadmap in the etheric workshop this month in a speech. The next phase of the update is expected in the first quarter of 2019. Future plans to expand to a second Ethernet square 1000 transactions, improve the speed and scalability of innovation is one of the key pieces. In short, no longer requires that each node must record each transaction. MetaMask also launched a mobile platform, which will allow users to square their ecosystem and etheric and interact with dApp.

NEO NEO, the main start 2nd anniversary. So far, there are 26 items on the NEO platform, NEO is developing 3, building a NEO platform for large enterprise architecture, to provide a second higher trading and stability, the deployment of smart contracts is cheaper, it may need to launch a new chain.

Factom, Factom recently announced the Factom protocol, can achieve the developers to create a token around a set of standards, to allow integration of Factom block chain. The agreement will be used by the Holland Sphereon company, can help the company to sign and safely store file. Using the FAT protocol, Sphereon will create a mark of the currency, about 15 city plans in the area of service deployment.

Storj, V3 released a new white paper, the focus is the Amazon cloud S3 compatibility. Compatible applications, users can easily switch before deployment in Amazon on S3. In addition the V3 network will not use the new books or distributed storage file metadata, the storage capacity is increased by five times.

ETC and Ethernet has formed a new cooperation agreement workshop. To this end, the etheric Fang Foundation donated $150 thousand to the ETC Ethernet classic workshop. Two projects are realized in two blocks of chain can be successful and service in different markets.

AION, foreign rating agencies believe in the future will be the first in the world of encryption currency interoperability platform, but because the encryption currency and the Internet of things is not universal, there is no available scene.

Gifto, Atlas and Protocol (ATP) announced cooperation, ATP is a social entertainment block is the world’s largest chain ecosystem.

Quantstamp, continue to cooperate with OmiseGo, review the OmiseGo Plasma code, Plasma is a two layer leading the expansion solution.

FunFair, the game has opened in 14 countries, the future will focus on the acquisition of FunFair, adding more support area. The recent negative news about FunFair claims that smart contract FunFair is not secure, anonymous team the news by a man named Zethr was released, this team is not reliable.

STEEM, now the inflation rate is 100%, the rate of inflation will be changed to 9.5%, the annual decline of about 0.5%.

VeChain, there are several notable partnerships, one of them is the audit, accounting and consulting firm PWC (PwC). Another DNV GL and Vechain signed “DNV GL-VeChain digital low carbon eco system” five year plan. The digital low carbon ecological system will use VeChain block chains to achieve record of carbon emissions and the release of carbon credits, which can promote the sales of products and services. VeChain has also partnered with Chinese two energy and natural gas company, plans to establish a reliable quality assurance and industry standards.

NEM, set up a block chain center in the global scope, through these centers, they help local start-ups to attract users. NEM Southeast Asia won the partnership through the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Arabia alliance, to provide advisory services to the MOCD government in 2021 to achieve a comprehensive digital.

Syscoin has agreed to design LODE solutions, LODE is becoming the world’s first token encryption system. LODE expects the system will be investors, gold miners, traders, traders and industrial users of silver.

WAVES, within 24 hours of processing the 6 million 100 thousand transaction platform, this is by far the largest block chain. This means that Waves is supporting hundreds of transactions per second. Waves is entering the game, it provides up to 1 million WAVES for developers to program in the block chain. In addition Waves digital assets function is testing network testing, is expected to complete the test after the update, the difference between RVN is not POW public support chain.

BCH, now BCHABC and BCHSV, BCH on the market is what nobody knows, in stable before the best action is what to do.

BNB is working with Vertex Ventures to launch Vertex encryption technology, Ventures is a global technology focused Vc firm.

Qtum, Qtum has officially announced that it is now with Amazon AWS, the Qtum team believes this will allow developers to access the mainstream platform, it will help provide AWS block chain services for enterprise customers (BaaS) become a reality.

DRGN, Dragonchain and Centricity, Centricity is an agricultural technology company. The goal of Centricity is to connect the supply of food and agriculture all stakeholders, the technology can achieve food traceability, compliance, payment, audit data.

WAX network is expected to be launched in the first half of 2019, WAX is also developing WAX games API integration, allowing video games will be their game items on WAX.

POWR, the Australian real estate giant Vicinity and Power Ledger, test of solar energy plan.

Bancor, Bancor launched BancorX, which is a block to the center of the cross chain mobility network, Ethernet and EOS workshop.

Litecoin, ready to update is expected to reduce transaction costs, the average cost of $0.05 to $0.005.

Zen, Grayscale, ZEN released a research report, they think ZEN is suitable as one of company’s diversified portfolio.

Rvn, the main function of successfully updated digital assets, has created more than 10 thousand digital asset recovery about 5000000 RVN. The communication function is expected to begin testing before the end of this year, the first quarter of next year, APP mobile phone is also expected to achieve asset function.

ZEC, announced the development of the next phase, is expected by the end of next year by two algorithms, which support ASIC and graphics support.

XMR, the main smooth upgrade V8, greatly reduce the fee.

Chain grams, limited support for gold, the daily exchange of various sites also increased the number of VIP card.

AE, at the end of this year or early next year, the main line.

SC, anti ASIC upgrade success, with SC’s own ASIC mining only.

The new project, the 10 month number continued to decrease, SUQA became rapidly becoming one of the hot items this year rare.

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