Block chain business company Bitfury application for electronic design patent

nnIn the application for the electronic design of the patent, the application only mentioned the patented technology in the use of Bitcoar mining applications. And the application is the end of last year’s patent project follow-up project, the company has received four patents.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nPublic file disclosure, venture capital investment in the block chain venture company Bitfury in the application for electronic design related patents.n
nThe Patent and Trademark Office published the “Layouts of transmission gates and related systems and techniques” application on July 27th, belonging to Bitfury Group Limited, Georgetown, Kentucky , Bitfury Chief Technology Officer Valery Nebesny is the only inventor.n
nThe patent itself is primarily a transfer gate, also known as an analog switch circuit, allowing the activated electronic signal to pass through a point. The document shows that the application covers the wiring design and its methodology.n
nWhen describing the possible use of the patent, the application refers only to bitmember mining. Bitfury is one of the developers of the global bitmap mining chip, according to available network data, over the past 24 hours to dig out about 6% of the transaction block.n
nnIn some cases, the multiple transmission gates referred to herein can be integrated into any suitable device, including but not limited to microprocessors, LCD screens, LED screens, televisions, mobile electronic devices (such as laptop computers, tablet, smart Mobile phone smart watches, etc.), computers (such as servers, desktop computers, etc.), bit coin mining equipment, and so on.n
nnPublic records show that this is Bitfury’s patented follow-up application in December last year. Bitfury has now obtained four patents.n

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