Block chain by the British government recognized the benefits of Technology

Block chain by the British government recognized the benefits of Technology

The British government and the Ministry of Finance and economy minister of economy has talked about digital currency and block the benefits of technology chain.

Yesterday, congressman HarrietBaldwin in London issued a government driven speech, she said in a speech, the government is committed to creating a suitable enterprise digital currency system, attract overseas investors and enterprises to enter the uk.

The minister also mentioned the government announced that the capital commitment of $ten million in March, will be used to study and solve the digital currency opportunities and challenges, and the basic technology as part of the FinTech innovation.

According to Baldwin, a distributed ledger may bring benefits including:

“Fast, efficient and safe on the Internet to transfer digital assets ownership — including bonds, stocks and other financial instruments, digital asset tag number” signature “and the time function can safely and efficiently maintain digital documents. In other words, all these benefits can make the process more simple and easier life.”

Earlier this year, the British Ministry of Finance said in a report in the plan to regulate the digital currency, then Baldwin’s comment. Although the report is generally optimistic about the digital currency, but also pointed out that the new ecological technology, and lists the risks related to encryption currency.

Before the publication of the report, the UK Treasury to obtain information on the requirements in June last year, this initiative aims to find out the associated with this new payment technology risks and benefits.

In response to this initiative, the British interior ministry urged the government to consider creating their own digital currency, it will completely eliminate anonymity and pave the way for tracking transactions to reduce crime.

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