Block chain can change the way of tax

nnnWalking time comment: Block chain technology with its unique advantages to become the industry’s potential game rules change, although the financial industry as the main concern, but the tax field can also use the technology to complete the new technological changes. Some small countries in Europe have begun to include tax, including all aspects of the block chain technology application exploration and practice. I believe that the potential of block chain technology, and actively embrace the technology, is the right choice.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nBlock chain. This hot word makes some people afraid. It took a few years to really understand Bitcoin. It is only the first example of a large-scale application of the block-chain platform. It sounds daunting, right?n
nBut in fact it does not sound as scary as it sounds. For everyone unfamiliar, the block chain is actually a digital transaction book, theoretically can not control the books. Think of it as a central warehouse (like the Slack channel), which can track each stage of the transaction, the record can not be edited and deleted.n
nSo far, it has been called a change of potential game rules for financial transactions and real estate transactions. But when we look from the tax point of view, it is clear that the block chain can be the ultimate digital change in the field of global taxation.n
nEnterprise taxpayers, government tax authorities, tax advisory bodies are likely to be eliminated in this change. But what does it mean for American companies at this stage? Have yet to be discussed.n
nIn order to understand how the chain chain really transforms the domestic and international tax process, I discussed with two Ernst u0026 Young experts who were Partner

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