Block chain can effectively improve their ability to cope with and deal with disaster

Block chain can effectively improve their ability to cope with and deal with disaster

There are a lot of block chain technology change the way the world operation potential of the article, from the creation of the new currency to change people’s voting. Now its transformative potential can be applied to disaster events, see if you can save lives, and improve the ability of human disaster response.

Block chain using distributed digital books encryption technology can create a record deal. Last year, Britain’s chief scientist Mark Walport stressed that, fundamentally speaking, the block chain can change society, and “there is a relationship between the government and the public in the potential to redefine data sharing, transparency and trust”.

In recent months, donated money is paid more and more attention, and strengthen accountability and transparency are more and more voices. The system has a very high level of the report for further examination and balance may be unnecessary and cause the bureaucratic, unnecessary and overelaborate formalities, lower efficiency and effectiveness. But the blockchain can provide an elegant solution, which can not only make the process more secure, transparent and accountable, and can accelerate the reaction time.

Start Fund is launching a pilot program, Start Fund is a rapid response operation carried out by 42 aid agencies Start Network in the UK, will aid funds for the usually not reported and lack of emergency aid in any small. The pilot program was established since 2014, has been used for 90 times, helping 49 countries 5 million 400 thousand. At a disadvantage humanitarian system that provides funds for too long to work on local institutions in the face of crisis. The UN Central Emergency Response Fund Transfer to an average of 90 days to reach the hands of a non-governmental organization. But the Start Fund within 72 hours after receiving reminders within can pay in cash. The project must be started and run in seven days, and completed in 45 days. This makes it an early warning mechanism of the fastest response in the world.

Speed is the only way to save time, any valuable things. As Dave Brailsford Team Sky the constant pursuit of the “marginal”, block chain can be further simplified Start Fund. First of all, the technology will be tested in the peer review and decision-making process of the Start Fund members in use. At present, the exchange of letters, contracts and other payment required to trigger the paperwork administrative procedure usually takes a few hours or even longer. Block chain should be able to speed up the response, the record making and notify the national staff of funds have been on the way.

Finally, hope that through the implementation of the “automatic block chain for intelligent contract” as possible, triggering the intelligent contract will meet certain criteria, it can speed up the transaction time, make resources faster to the emergency area. The pilot program has been the Estonia government funded 50 thousand pounds, is the world’s first using the block chain, and is the first to allow digital electronic government resident, this means that you can make it easier for people in Estonia than in the country set up enterprises and bank accounts.

The blockchain also promised with the security of the underlying technology is There is nothing comparable to this, and complete digital currency bitcoin, can record contracts and wills. The digital books can record each decision, back from donor to recipient’s transaction information. Start Fund is a decentralized decision-making process to transfer power from the bureaucracy to thousands of miles away to the local emergency response agencies, they can determine the whereabouts of the money. The blockchain impeccable password memory technology can reduce fraud, the decision makers of accountability, to ensure that funds are fully donors can be traced.

The number of the world affected by the crisis in the past ten years almost doubled, humanitarian emergencies are increasing. Just this week, Yemen, Nigeria, South Sultan and Somalia and increased hunger spirit, with the expansion of the gap between demand and capital, the ability to make NGO response is increasingly strengthened. Therefore, the block chain application to save the lives of the time there!

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