Block chain community bear market silence: consensus, people have scattered

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The emergence of the mobile Internet and the popularity of people looking for like-minded groups which greatly reduces the cost, who is now estimated to have several exchange interest of WeChat group.

The rise of various social networks have also spawned the social economy, a new economic model, but some people say that the future is between the community and the community flow “war”, shows the importance of the community.

Community is a group of people, simply because the target fit together to do one thing. Is this block chain community was originally a group of strangers set to a community, to attract these people may be the consensus, belief or fantasy flourishes.

Sparks of fire: three o’clock in the community

Called “the first China blockchain community” to the number of the Spring Festival this year by Yu Hong created “three o’clock sleepless block chain group”. The crowd of more than 500 people gathered a large number of domestic investment and business circles and Internet heavyweights, including Xu Xiaoping, long collar capital fund it real Cai Wensheng, Xue Manzi, handsome Yu Zheng, elementary quantum chain, Wang Feng, Han Geng, Liyan Tong, Gao Xiaosong, a well-known entertainment star also appeared.

 Block chain bear silence: consensus, community people have scattered

The big coffee are often on the point of air every act and every move, so people in droves, remember that whip is a member of the high masses, the Lunar New Year’s day to day tracking group chat until midnight. It also appeared in the “grand three o’clock” crazy fission.

According to media reports, micro letters and telegrams community with “three o’clock” reached more than 20 thousand, the blockchain community industry thus ignited, various block chain investment group, media group, project group, information group, training group have emerged, in March this year when the whip suddenly found themselves do not know when it was more than 600 a block chain micro community.

Of course the blockchain community is not limited to WeChat, there are more “professional” the telegraph group, QQ group, micro-blog, broadcast a lot.

When the coin ring people impetuous, but there seems to be open and inclusive, eager to understand the new outlet mood had community become very easy, as long as the strangers to demonstrate the currency exchange circle, by immediately become friends, then exchange community to expand the network, look forward to progress together (Zhi Fu).

Most of the project operation community will have to share the good news group, issued from time to time some tokens project ultimate goal is to win the award, the potential of individual investors. Straightforward point is the “leek harvest group”.

Information or training community by some blockchain media or training institutions operate, they initially through a variety of interesting content block chain quality to attract users into the group, such as live video, free learning card, providing offline sharing opportunities to participate in the salon.

In addition, whip contact to the largest number of all kinds of block chain media group. In order to seize the market, almost all the media have their own community, and more than one. After the media reported that the domestic block chain media up to tens of thousands, if according to this calculation, the so-called blockchain media group may have already reached tens of thousands.

In order to facilitate communication, organizers of the media are often running each activity should pull a WeChat group. Engaged in more than a year of work in the media circle of small coins tell whip, since the beginning of the year, more than 400 media community has added her WeChat, but in fact these communities are the same people.

The blockchain community under bear market: advertising, expression package, the Yellow figure raging

Anyway, the original intention and vision buildings may be beautiful, but subsequent developments may make a lot of people greatly disappointed.

For bitcoin and the outbreak of the block chain is now with the market slump and gradually No one shows any interest in.

 Block chain bear silence: consensus, community people have scattered

Baidu search for “the trend of the blockchain nearly a year

 Block chain bear silence: consensus, community people have scattered

Google search for “the trend of the blockchain nearly a year

The whip query, whether in Baidu or Google, since this year, the domestic chain block search trends were at the beginning of the year after a brief rise after gradually decline.

With the money chain circle continued to cool, experienced a short lively block chain community will soon enter the cooling period. In addition to the main group every hair dynamic, almost no one chat.

Yes, chat. Technically, the blockchain community whip said in fact can be classified as a community in the chat group. Chat community has a very obvious life cycle: when creating enthusiasm, the first communication and interaction, we are highly motivated; such as the end of the event, advertising began to appear, some people began to use the “shield” function; finally, this group is basically dead.

The blockchain community now is approximately the same. The article said, data analysis shows that in recent months the blockchain monthly WeChat community user interaction rate is 28%, week interactive user rate is 14%. This shows that most groups in addition to the main group every day hair dynamic, almost no one chat.

And now bear the cold intensified, whip found a lot of blockchain community seems to him also disappeared without a trace.

A block chain community operation the main group to whip said, at first the community advertising out when he will come to the party to maintain order, with the advent of a bear market, the company has experienced several rounds of layoffs, although he did not lose their jobs, but the work than in the past increased a lot, now has to attend to these groups, the group of advertising, expression bag, yellow map of rage, he is incapable of action.

 Block chain bear silence: consensus, community people have scattered

Block chain community advertisements

Whether the project group, information group or the media group, the number of group members than the busy time greatly reduced, the original 500’s group has now left some people 90. The group advertising party are also more unscrupulous, in addition to the content of related currency circle of all kinds of candy, token advertising, Alipay also appeared red collar or micro business publicity.

 Block chain bear silence: consensus, community people have scattered

Xiao Nan told the whip, now to bear, no previous activities frequently, she has quit a lot of groups, may now be left around 100.

At present, few people have concerned about the community news, more is shielded, occasionally have time to look at the open, watching him and advertising party wits. Certainly also has an active community, but this is scanty.

Whip asked the surrounding people find blockchain social telegram most is no maintenance of the state, but the user stickiness is stronger, even if the project failed to run away, still in the community every day in the discussion the current situation of the development of chain ring and coin ring and on the future of the imagination, and almost no advertising.

As a block chain community the earliest one of the founders of the red jade, was recently invited to join a block chain WeChat group. In the group is more than welcome AIT, Yuhong group appeared to remain in the wave of their own advertising will no longer speak.

As the abandoned mines, layoffs across the currency circle, the entire block chain community is filled with dead atmosphere, as if it had never been popular. The occasional chat seems to be with the blockchain independent, shouting “all in” Xu Xiaoping from major blockchain community exit, because once the block chain together people are now drifting away……

The blockchain still needs of the community

The chairman of the board of directors before bitcoin fund, one of the founders of the EOS Brock Pierce once said in an interview: “a strong community leadership project is the most promising tokens, community leadership is the key factor of the encryption currency project talent shows itself.”

At present, most of the technologies are open source, can be copied, so technically there is no difference between tokens. In the long run, the technology will not have a particularly big impact, the key factors of project quality is the strength of talent shows itself community leadership project.

 Block chain bear silence: consensus, community people have scattered

Brock Pierce

Most people with this knowledge, so the community building block chain project evaluation of investors become the key issues to consider. But Pierce said the large number of coffee community seems to not only chat community.

“Community” is more appropriate to describe it, namely block chain products built to the center of the community. The members of the community is the target user groups, the product can produce enough content, under the intelligent contract rules reasonable, are also keen to interact with the user in the content, enhance the sense of participation and access to all of the behavior is not vested interest, in order to enhance the value of tokens or just to hold tokens exist, perhaps this is the so-called community leadership, let the blockchain landing more practical.

So, we see most of the blockchain community and no real consensus and vision, so it is not long.

The blockchain community, the rise in the three o’clock, died in the bear market, what it should look like, maybe there will be an answer.

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