Block chain four ideas

nnnRacking Comments: Block chain tokens financing as a new way of investment has been questioned, ICO project team and investor goals are different, and the lack of effective management of the field model. And the solution to these problems seems to go into the paradox of the paradox, it is difficult to really make a reasonable decision. Therefore, people who need a deep understanding of the block chain technology, fully explore the sociology, behavioral economics and other large amounts of knowledge, to provide common rules can be observed.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nWendy Xiao Schadeck is a risk investor in North York, New York, and has been closely following the chain of chains, primarily in some areas of the field.n
nSchadeck in this article briefly describes their own views on the evolution of the block chain market, put forward the technology 囧 brush out the development needs to challenge what ideas.n
nIn recent months, people are obsessed with the central chain of chains, and I also spend time trying to balance speculation with the future of the technology.n
nI do not want to cause the bear market, but only to find the opposite view, to take the subject of quantum thinking, I think the success of investors need this thinking.n
nSo far, I have seen several block chain skeptics.n
nThese people may be unfairly treated by traditional participants, or at the bottom of the disillusionment of others, who try to understand the latest developments but draw negative conclusions about their experiences and beliefs. There are also different community chains that have strong differences in key issues.n
nWhat I am looking for in these complex situations is not the technology itself, but the challenge that can be resolved over time, especially where the field continues to attract a lot of talent. My focus is not on external factors such as regulatory risk, although they are also a huge concern. I believe that some of the current signals indicate that regulators are very cautious about implementing new regulation.n
nIf you have been concerned about the field for some time, you may see the view of the chain to the central block is binary. The reason is that the biggest risk facing the project is related to survival. There is no easy to understand or widely recognized a series of results.n
nWhether you believe it or not, many aspects depend on your opinion on the following questions. I have been looking for answers to these questions, but at the moment I have not found a definite answer, except for more experiments and natural evolution in this ecology field.n
nThus, there is reason to regard these as the basic idea of ​​the bottom of the field as a whole:n
n1. A large number of users usen
nThe first reason for many skeptics is that the chain-chain technology can only replicate the centralized system that has been used successfully, and there is no reason for the average user to switch the system.n
nAlthough I believe that in the first phase of the technology application we will see these homogeneous different quality use cases, I also think we have not yet begun to understand what the block chain technology can do. The most powerful use case of the Internet did not appear until after the first use. However, we still need to prove the application of this peer period, I think my application on the investment in technology assumptions can solve this problem.n
nThe main purpose is that with its application to find solutions to future consumer pain points, we are not as good as observing the same model used by other coins and other hundreds of tokens on the market:n
nnInvestment or belief in the unity caused by the initial investment –

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