Block chain group Jingdong R & D department head Sun Haibo: the future of the supply chain network is P.O.D network | summit a new potential height of the network and intelligent

 Block chain group Jingdong R & D department head Sun Haibo: the future of the supply chain network is P.O.D network | summit a new potential height of the network and intelligent

In November 28th, 2018 P.O.D New BlockTrend new potential block chain summit jointly sponsored by Odaily and the daily planet 36Kr group held in Beijing. At the meeting, the Jingdong group blockchain R & D department responsible Sun Haibo published a report entitled “a gradual block chain technology road” speech.

Sun Haibo introduces the Jingdong enterprise BaaS platform and Jingdong in the blockchain landing. The main characteristics of the platform: a key deployment, flexible deployment, open and compatible trusted identity chain alliance, enterprise dynamic network, the level of dynamic expansion expansion, lightweight gateway. In logistics, Sun Haibo believes that the complex logistics network need to be transparent and efficient. The optimization of logistics system, management system can use block chain technology, accelerate the capital turnover rate. The future of supply chain network is intelligent and networking. Jingdong in the landing, Sun Haibo introduced the source of security in the field of supply chain, providing the origin to the table of business; the precise poverty, the whole process traceability information data loop, such as Jingdong treadmill; block chain power electronic invoice tax management; business license on the government to strengthen the supervision of power chain.

The following is the speech:

Thanks to the presence of guests, also thanks for the invitation, today I share some of the Jingdong in the block chain layout, and the corresponding application of the landing. Noun block chain is recent hot, block chain is causing a revolution in electronics technology, but also said that 35 years is the concept of the chain block, block chain is to talk about business landing more, companies are also active in the deployment.

Block chain as a technology Jingdong strategic layout, with our physical networking, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, big data is a business intelligence, in our entire business floor as the overall scheme for a complete program.

In the process we used the blockchain will have some problems, because the blockchain technology itself was born early, but the expansion in other areas, may still a number of exploration stage, so here we will encounter some problems, such as technical barriers, higher than business combined with difficult and inadequate performance and safety privacy and identity supervision difficult. For this problem we propose a Jingdong own solution, namely the Jingdong’s BaaS platform. The platform is located in the enterprise alliance chain, our core is to solve the development to allow enterprises to use the minimum price to complete the BaaS block chain application. In this we are compatible with a variety of resource pool, such as public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, we developed the technology of the top DJ block chain block chain, above some of the characteristics of the service, the main shield block chain technology complexity let enterprises as soon as possible landing, under the surface layer and provides a combination of application development the corresponding application module, allow enterprises to more rapid landing enterprise.

 Block chain group Jingdong R & D department head Sun Haibo: the future of the supply chain network is P.O.D network | summit a new potential height of the network and intelligent

Overall, our entire BaaS has several core competencies: first core competence, namely rapid deployment of blockchain development environment and debugging environment. The second is open and compatible, we not only based on the cloud, we can be compatible with a variety of cloud, because there are requirements for private cloud or public cloud or hybrid cloud business needs. The third is the trusted identity, when the alliance chain every identity is credible, the public like chain is open, each person may be anonymous can not find who you are, but the financial sector is very difficult to accept. The fourth is the enterprise dynamic network, all of the BaaS enterprises can be flexible to organize their own network, publishing contracts, for the development of the corresponding block chain business. In addition, there is a horizontal expansion, dynamic expansion; lightweight gateway. We also provide some other block chain services, development tools IDE, app store and so on, this is a whole solution platform.

We all know that Jingdong have a self built logistics, which is a feature of the survival of the Jingdong, we will complete all the goods delivery orders with the fastest speed, in which the logistics network is relatively complex, it is subject to a variety of business flow mingled. How to speed up the logistics efficiency, reduce the cost of it? We use the block chain technology in which the blockchain technology can not only help us optimize our whole business system, but also help us to optimize the management system, we accelerate the capital turnover rate, improve logistics tracking etc..

Another Jingdong is a proprietary business, it has a very complex supply chain network. At present, the supply network is linear network has several drawbacks, the first is the information island, information is not smooth, low degree of automation, chase censure, in order to deal with this disadvantage, we use block chain to accelerate our supply chain transformation. The future of the supply chain network is a highly networked and intelligent network , I give an example of a Jingdong tens of thousands of goods, a mining sales managing up to one hundred to two hundred, this is a big limitation. If so, when all the people go to management, it will greatly increase the cost of the network, it requires automation capabilities, the ability to automate how to do? Let the blockchain play a role in this? We look at this chart, we use block chain to create a credible value network, all kinds of equipment set in the network based on the collection of high quality data, which are data layer, analysis of a near real-time data, finally the results of the analysis to the algorithm layer of our algorithm is that supply chain accordingly, reach the whole visible block chain letter, this time in the whole network is end-to-end visible, will greatly improve our efficiency.

 Block chain group Jingdong R & D department head Sun Haibo: the future of the supply chain network is P.O.D network | summit a new potential height of the network and intelligent

And I will put some of our technology in the corresponding block conveyor chain innovation technology to the participating subjects, including intellectual insight, planning, dynamic pricing and so on, this is the innovation in the field of supply chain. This is some innovation in the supply chain of Jingdong greatly improve efficiency, but also greatly improve the automation level of the whole supply chain, reduce the cost. We have the opportunity to put some of the open chain block to our partners and our businesses to use.

Another one of our earliest landing project is the block of commodity chain traceability, the first project is beef traceability, realized from the production to the final sales data of the whole process all on the chain, all the data in the main body, when consumers buy a cow meat, sweep code found the information is transparent, the information is visible, to achieve its credibility. In addition, the network is built by manufacturers and third party institutions, build a credible and authoritative platform to do this kind of application. At present, traceability results achieved are more than 500 businesses in the access category, is also very full.

An interesting example is the Jingdong running chicken. This is the Jingdong supply of the project, mainly for poverty alleviation. In Hebei County of Wuyi Jingdong, Jingdong to provide high recovery for all the villagers. There are FID equipment, network video broadcast, Jingdong will realize the whole transport running chicken its production environment and the quality of its slaughter, so that consumers clearly visible. Every running chicken is limited to one million step, fully guarantee that the chicken growth duration, to ensure the taste.

There are a lot of electronic invoices, because Jingdong is the supplier is a large invoice, Jingdong and the IRS made a pilot invoice. Jingdong in June 27, 2013, opened the first China inland electronic invoices, electronic invoices so far has accounted for 96% of the share of the Jingdong. There is a shortage of paper invoices, the first point is the mail is slow and check behind, because all the invoices may not achieve electronic reconciliation, the Jingdong can use each invoice out if a delivery of 10 dollars, Jingdong every year in this regard cost is 200 million yuan, if I have done this invoice that can put the invoice as assets to transfer and reimbursement, we can greatly save development costs, so that the 200 million will be saved, we also welcome the businessmen to join our pain points inside the network, realize the transfer of assets of invoice.

The blockchain power electronic invoice tax bureau, in addition to improve process management, but also lowering the efficiency of green environmental protection. Because the tax also need paper process is also waste a great deal of cost, it also can give tax management to provide a sufficient data, this false case will not happen. Because all the electronic invoice with your orders and goods real-time binding, then find the source of the invoice, will not be open to eat ticket office supplies and so on, it is relatively accurate data. This is a Jingdong with the IRS and the elephant member, Pacific Insurance Network to do this, there are some pain points of the enterprise can also be added to the network, electronic invoices.

The last one is with the Suqian Jingdong Industrial and Commercial Bureau cooperation enterprise license chain. This is mainly to solve the electronic license at a registration point out the problem, because the Jingdong has many suppliers, it all need to print at the Jingdong platform registration, there is a pain point is that if the supplier qualification after the break, then the previous version is very difficult to find the dynamic qualification. If you open up with the Suqian Industrial and Commercial Bureau, that if you are selling footwear suppliers, when your business scope changed, I can find changes in business license.

I was more than a simple introduction. Because of the limited time, every 15 minutes, I think the show can not open what our entire block chain brand called Zhi Zhen chain, including Jingdong developed the application and our entire all solutions, also welcome our partners to negotiate with us and exchange, thank you!


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