Block chain in the field of automotive finance to achieve universal application where the critical point

nnnJudgment: Deloitte’s section of the chain chain investigation report pointed out that the chain chain in the automotive finance has a lot of potential use cases, but because of the development of the technology is still in the initial stage and there are some technical problems, there is no real implementation of many practical applications , That is, the technology has not yet reached the block to achieve the universal application of the critical point. The report’s authors believe that to achieve this goal, the block chain technology still has a long way to go.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nBlock chains have many potential use cases for shared unmanned vehicles, including protecting user privacy, issuing smart contracts, and making the car completely self-reliant.n
nAccording to Deloitte’s report on a block chain, it can be said that the chain chain is moving in the future because it involves not only OEMs, but also end consumers, distributors, financiers, and anyone who handles mobile services.n
nAs a result, interest in block-chain technology has increased significantly since 2013 and more than $ 1.7 billion has been invested in the field over the past three years.n
nSebastian Pfeifle, the report’s author and Deloitte partner / automotive finance director, said that while the block chain is being discussed everywhere, there are not many real-life implementations because the technology is still in its infancy. Basically, the technique has not yet reached a critical point or threshold that is sufficient to make the block chain achieve universal application.n
nPfeifle told Auto Finance News:n
nn”We now see that many car companies and fleet management companies are experimenting with block chains, but are still in their early stages, and the block chain is not yet fully covered by car finance because the technology still needs to be expanded and there are technical problems to solve These problems can make the technology to achieve exponential growth. “n
nnMassimo Ferrari, a senior fellow of the report and senior advisor at the Deloitte District Chain Research Institute, points out that the technology is also problematic in terms of user friendliness.n
nHe told AFN:n
nn”I think that when people do not need to understand the profound meaning of the block chain can use the technology, it can really be successful.That is to say, the block chain and the Internet, although many people do not understand the working principle of the Internet You can use it, but the Internet spent more than 30 years to reach today ‘s height, the block chain may have to spend so long.n
nnFerrari said that ultimately, companies and industries that are committed to solving the current problems of the chain chain will be in the best position to develop industry standards, leading to the emergence of “winners take the opportunity” economic model.n
nFerrari added:n
nn”The first attempt to embrace and understand the technology or to identify the vision of the technology will be able to attract the best talent and ultimately provide a technology solution to help customers get a better experience.”n

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