Block chain industry monthly: bitcoin fell below $4000, the market panic, serious chain tower data

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This month the dynamic data


BCI index

Or 37%, the market panic is serious

According to the chain of tower data platform data show that the BCI this month (November 1, 2018 to November 30, 2018) the highest 1091.39 points, the lowest 575.87 points to finish 632.50, 371.44 points lower than last month, down 37%. This month the encrypted currency market continues downward, huge fluctuation, around November 20th, bitcoin prices fell below the $5000 mark, the market value has shrunk by 1/3 in seven days, the market panic mood is serious.


BDI index

The end of November to 174, growth of 34% months

According to the data display platform data chain tower. In November, BDI index ended at 174 points, compared with the first month, up 44 points, or 33.62%.

In November, the maximum BDI index appeared in 26, 269 points; the minimum value appeared in 13, to 106 points.


Ethernet Square: the number of DApp growth of 7.43%

According to the chain of tower data platform data show that as of November 30th, Fang Ethernet platform DApp number is 1200, of which the number of guessing DApp was 495, accounted for 41.25%; the game DApp number is 397, accounting for 33.08%; the number of trading market DApp 73, accounted for 6.08%; the other DApp number 235, accounting for 19.58%. Compared with October, November on the platform of the new DApp Ethernet square, a total of 82 models, including DApp, the largest number of new class quiz, a total of 65 models.

In November, DApp Ethernet square total transactions amounted to 346 thousand and 500 ETH, compared with October, down 21.19%. Among them, DApp market transactions amounted to 208 thousand and 300 ETH, accounting for 60.11%, a decline of 27.73%.


EOS : DApp Turnover growth of 105%

According to the chain of tower data platform data show that as of April 30 11, EOS platform DApp number 200, the number of guessing DApp 124, accounting for 62%; other DApp number is 31, accounted for 15.5%; the number of market DApp 26, accounted for 13%; DApp game the number is 19, accounted for 9.5%. Compared with the 10 month, 11 month EOS DApp 37 on the platform of new models, among them, the largest number of new class quiz DApp, total 31.

In November, EOS DApp of the total transactions amounted to 358 million EOS, compared with October growth of 105.05%. Among them, guessing DApp transactions amounted to 2.82 million EOS, growth of 85.69%, the total turnover ratio of 78.77%.


11 media information daily release volume growth of about 10%

According to the chain plate tower data platform of public opinion (technical support: TokenTM) data show that the relevant media information released in October November the blockchain compared to the amount of work increased, one-day volume more than 3000 released. The whole month average daily release amounted to 3406. Since the 11 month BCH war and the market as a whole fell sharply, the media side release volume were significantly increased.


The focus of events, social media accounted for a decline of 13.12%

According to the chain plate tower data platform of public opinion (technical support: TokenTM) data show that by 11 BCH and reached the month the market overall fell sharply, the 11 month end media released volume were significantly increased. At the same time, because of its characteristics of social media, authoritative than other types of media, resulting in the release amount of growth is lower than the other categories of media, the overall ratio fell to less than 60%. Accounted for the highest growth type of media from the media, in November accounted for an increase of 6.14%.


270 new collection project

From November 1st to November 30th, the new tower chain data platform included 270 projects. From the point of view of project distribution industry, the top three are trading platform, technology solutions, games accounted for 36.13%, 23.9%, 23.9%.


The new 39 information

11 months, the chain tower contains a total of 39 finance information. Most of the project financing sources for strategic financing.

This month the product dynamic


Project page optimization

Click on the official website of chain tower

You can see the total number of projects, and the project belongs to the field of proportion.


Page optimization

One Optimization of investment institutions. Page: You can point into the investment agency sector, investment institutions, the official website to view the basic information, investment case, members of the details of information.

Submit 2. page optimization project: You can change the information submitted in the project after delivery.

3. search page optimization: Add hot search, search history and other functions.


A small program: The new DApp And investment institutions plate

WeChat search chain tower small program, you can access the DApp small program, investment institutions plate. Investors can click to view the details of the case. And the collection, sharing, comment.

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