Block chain is the future of financial technology

nnnIn the wake of the story, Cognizant, an information technology company, polls 1,500 financial executives from more than 500 companies around the world, and found that block chain technology is generally beneficial to the business, including transparency, management, revenue, and digitization. And almost half of the companies have identified the chain chain strategy, but the real understanding of the technology company is not much.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nCognizant reports that block-chain technology is “very important” for the future of financial services companies.n
nMore than 500 companies around the world, 1,500 financial services executives found that 91% of people think that the block chain technology deployment of the company’s future is very important.n
nHowever, the report found that the block chain system is how to develop there are “obvious uncertainty.”n
nBasically all the respondents (98%) believe that the block chain will save them money. Approximately 75% said that the use of block-chain technology will increase revenue by 5%. Half (46%) think it helps to improve transparency, 40% think it helps risk management, 39% think it helps to digitize, and 47% think it helps to manage data.n
n11% think that can reduce fraud.n
n”From a new market, to a cross-selling opportunity, and even to create a new business model, the rapid progress of the block chain of financial companies, in the realization of the cost advantage at the same time the success of the business center,” said Lata Varghese, executive director of the chain and distributed book consulting business at Cognizant. To bring value-added services, will win in the competition. “n
nAlmost half of the companies surveyed (48%) already have a chain-chain strategy, and 42% have identified processes and functions. However, more than half of the companies understand the block chain use case is an important technical application barrier.n
nAlmost all (94%) do not think that culture and change management are important obstacles to technology applications, and many people think they need to be part of a partner, customer, and competitor network.n

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