Block chain layout behind 360 “epic marketing”

Editor’s note: This article from the vernacular block chain (ID:hellobtc), author: Sun vice president, authorized reprint by Odaily daily planet.

In the circle of science and technology China popular with such a piece: “I do not know Liu Qiangdong, a beautiful wife regrets ordinary family Ma Huateng, Jack Ma, Ali home next week Jia Yueting, no room under the name of Pan Shiyi Ding Sanshi, the way to make money fast, SF brother Wang wei……” This does not rhyme, but word by heart jingle, in 2018 years added “Zhou Hongyi failed in life”.

3 month 2018 years 30, 360 founder Zhou Hongyi released a statement in the circle of friends: “my life is so meaningless failure.” A time detonated network of public opinion, many people began to laugh: how to be able to do failure like Zhou Hongyi, and “life failure Zhou Hongyi” this sentence also joined this half China gold sentence Internet gangster Deluxe package.

So, what makes Zhou Hongyi made so lament, and he and the 360, and how to use block chain to get rid of the plight?

Stripped of the main business

The beginning of the story, but also to begin from 2015. As everyone knows, China Internet industry has a strange situation: that is, as an important driving force of economic development in recent years, many Internet companies N due to policy reasons, not in the China listed A shares. So, these Internet Co in IPO, is almost a collective sea. This will form a phenomenon: Although the main income of the overseas listed Internet Co from Chinese, its basic to foreign investors dividends but.

In the face of such capital losses, the securities regulatory authority is naturally worried. In recent years, China Commission plans to start overseas China Internet giants have drawn back to A shares, and shares also set off a return of A shares trend, including many well-known Internet companies, Focus Media, Dangdang, education, have a way of privatization from the American capital market delisting, and seek landing A shares market.

As a veteran Internet giant 360, also joined the tide. In 2016, Zhou Hongyi led to the union investors bought 360 stock on the U.S. stock market, and delisting from the NYSE, the successful completion of the privatization. In February 2018, 360 backdoor return to A shares, the valuation of the delisting from $10 billion when jumped to $about 60000000000, a market shock time.

From the private to the backdoor listing, and then to the high valuation of cash out, almost 360 to build a model of the capital market transfer line. Of course, in the return of A shares, it also pay some cost, which is the most expensive cost: for security and other relevant requirements, the 360 “national security and social security services (mainly for network security) and other related businesses, from listed companies stripped out, instead of” service for the network security China the”.

The knife down, but to the 360 old. As everyone knows, the network security company 360 service is the most imagination trump card business. Stripping the network security business, the equivalent of your Jingdong stripping stripping Baidu search, electricity providers, NetEase off the game.

For 360, off network security services, including the only intelligent hardware, business. Now, its main source of income is the Internet advertising. Data show that 360 Internet advertising revenue has accounted for the company’s total revenue 75%.

In 2017 360 revenue structure

In addition to advertising, 360 of the other two water business of electronic games and intelligent hardware flat growth. Zhou Hongyi is thus a “my life so failed” sigh, we can make nothing of it.

Now, in the field of blockchain stars get together, the 360 will take what strategy layout, a firm foothold in this emerging field?

The epic “veteran Internet marketing”

The Spring Festival in 2018 after the sudden emergence of a “blockchain tide of anxiety with vigour and vitality”, numerous traditional industries and famous enterprises, are trying to squeeze on the block chain this car to the future train. How can we in this industry to brush their own sense of presence?

360 2018 5 at the end of the month, staged a chain block so many media exclaimed “epic marketing” strategy.

2018 5 from the end of the month, called “blockchain 3.0” financing scale of up to 40 billion EOS line has left less than a week. It is not difficult to find: the more the countdown time, people’s nerves became more and more nervous, often make some moves out of shape. At the time of the EOS, is the same.

Under the frayed nerves on the market bulls and bears are somewhat rude. The Bulls would scream “and the number of EOS can achieve freedom of wealth” such shocking words; and while the bears lashed out at the center of EOS, says it will be a feather, he is busy copying the EOS code.

In this case, May 29th afternoon, 360 security guards micro-blog official news release, 360, Vulcan (Vulcan) team discovered a series of high-risk security vulnerabilities block chain platform EOS. Some of these vulnerabilities, even through the remote execution of arbitrary code on the EOS node, and the direct control over all nodes running on EOS, so as to completely control the EOS network operation. For example, steal EOS super node key control EOS network virtual currency transactions; acquisition in EOS network node in the system and other financial privacy data etc.. Two hours later, Zhou Hongyi released the micro-blog said this block loopholes worth more than billion dollars, in severe cases, EOS and the virtual currency market, will encounter in Waterloo.

Two micro-blog 360 vibration block industry chain

The official micro-blog news release 360, plus the “cardinal” quite exaggerated words, immediately triggered a strong earthquake in the industry, many practitioners have joined the debate.

Overall, people feel there are two unexpected places: one is the 360 network security giants would focus its attention and block chain, chain alliance is not, but the public chain in a specific project; the two is called the star project EOS was the existence of security holes so big, really make many fans. While the EOS community probably did not expect the main line: on the road, will encounter such a professional sniper, a little embarrassed.

360 calm and block chain industry confusion, contrast. At the beginning of the year, BEC SMT have appeared intelligent contract loopholes, block chain security has become an important concern of the industry situation, the 360 quickly established himself in the position of the industry chain block.

In the disclosure of the EOS vulnerability on the same day, the 360 will continue with the European currency and chain (OCT) to achieve cooperation, to provide solutions in the aspects of contract audit, the underlying technology and application of chain block.

According to the 360 aspects of the later claimed that in 2013 has already begun the layout research block chain security, and now has set up 360 security platform, provide security solutions including the wallet, mine pool, exchange, intelligent contract and EOS super node, covering almost all of the block chain business.

360 block chain security products

Then, 360 have the ability to block their network security industry chain extension legend? In terms of development status, the odds of 360 appears to be large, in the face of the block chain industry rivals are mainly established start-ups. In other words, at the enterprise level, 360 has a significant advantage in resources and manpower. The key is, at the industry level, providing solutions for the center of Internet Co in the traditional enterprise, can solve to the center of the Internet Co (i.e. blockchain company) problem?

For this problem, the industry there is no unified view. An argument is born from the traditional field of Internet Security 360 compared with other companies do not have the advantage, because the focus block chain which consensus algorithm, distributed storage and asymmetric cryptography is a new direction, even the traditional Internet companies also need to learn and accumulate. Another argument is that the technical architecture of the blockchain did not imagine so mysterious, even some of the so-called “pioneer”, which does not have a clear advantage. What’s more, now block chain technology development bottlenecks encountered entity application, the whole industry is at a standstill, this is not difficult to catch up.

Reverse flight 360

Perhaps, for 360, code security review is probably the best way to cut the blockchain. Although the network security in the IT investment proportion is 10% to 15%, but fortunately, compared to the poor and blank Internet entrepreneurs, block chain projects generally a lot of money in the initial stage can be raised, and the safety problem of the blockchain relatively complicated, the general inability to recruit talent related security team so, generally take out this piece of business outsourcing.

From this point of view, the layout of the 360 chain block, can be said to be very successful. In the BATJ including Internet giants competing incoming block chain, tried to combined with physical economy, 360 has gone a completely different way. As people that “gold digging as selling water”. 360 if you do not plant to dig, but provide security services for the participants in the ecological chain block at the rear of the case, not only can earn pours, can maintain a relatively detached position.

It is not difficult to find, the block chain layout block chain layout 360 and other Internet giants are different. Those giants layout features mentioned before is: first to test the water in their business on the edge, if desired, combined with the core business, which is in accordance with the “edge of business – core business” development track. While the 360 go is basically a contrary route: first with the core business to establish the status of the industry, and then gradually will block chain and their edge business combination.

Why did this happen?

To answer this question, we first need to understand one thing, because most of the industry believes that the block chain could change the world, so they block chain layout analysis of the Internet giant, will put these companies First impressions are strongest as unconditional embrace the blockchain position.

But that is not the case, the company’s most valued or those who can bring stable cash flow and other business needs the reinforcement plate. So, in the analysis of block chain layout of these companies, we must be clear: what is the current most desire?

For 360, although it is a battle in the field of security services block chain industry played a beautiful, but may not solve the biggest pain point itself is currently facing.

Although the 360 as a security service provider, to maintain their relatively detached industry status and reputation in the field of the block chain, but is currently not yet see the capital market for its benefits.

In this case, the 360 had to be more careful layout, seriously consider how to establish itself as a leader in the field of A stock block chain?

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