Block chain start-up company ArabianChain received 3 million AED financing

nnnIn the UAE’s block-chain start-up, ArabianChain raised a total of 300 UAE Dirham funds in its most recent round of financing. The start-up is primarily seen as the development of a public, decentralized block-chain smart contract platform that enables government entities, businesses, and individuals to build transactions and contracts on the platform using ArabianChain’s tools and language. With the spot price once again soared to another record price this month, the Dubai government has also released the 2020 vision to promote the use of block chain technology in government documents to achieve paperless office, the technology in this area The use of all the rage.n
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nArabian Chancellor, a start-up company based in the UAE, raised funds for the UAE Dirham in its most recent round of financing, while the current round was raised by Saudi Arabian Bugshan Group’s board member and House of Invention Intl. Vice President Eng. Ahmed Abdullah Bugshan leads. The start-up business has developed a public, decentralized block-chain smart contract platform for the region, enabling government entities, businesses and individuals to build transactions and contracts on the platform using ArabianChain’s tools and language. As the first public centralized zoning chain system in the Middle East, ArabianChain has two distinctly distinct features: the region’s encrypted currency DBIX, used to pay and remittances to achieve a “safe, flexible and economical” approach , As well as the forthcoming Arabic intelligent contract programming language – Lakeraya.n
nThe start-up was established in April 2017, although it is still in the angel investment phase, but it has started operations and has worked with companies such as Microsoft, Dell-EMC, Ericsson and Oracle (other customers and companies that have not yet disclosed ) To provide thousands of users to the DBIX encrypted currency for the Middle East (especially the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait). Mohammed Alsehli, founder and CEO of the company, said his team’s expertise in the banking, telecommunications, healthcare and public sectors allowed them to use their background to “make the government, businesses and people on the economy, electronic services and digital transformation The views and ways to deal with great changes.n
nThe founder of the company pointed out that the fundraising process received a lot of attention, offers a variety of options to choose from, and according to its network and influence, coverage and similarity between the two sides choose investors. As for funding, Alsehli said it would be used for “team mobilization, development of solutions, operations, marketing and research” to further promote and strengthen the coverage of ArabianChain. Alsehli said they are focusing on the introduction of digital asset trading platforms, whose long-term goal is to ensure effective processes for Islamic banking solutions and government block chain services.n

nArabianChain Founder and CEO: Mohammed Alsehlin
nAlzahli acknowledges that the infrastructure in the Middle East and North Africa will not require significant differences in the current chain-chain infrastructure, as viewed in the context of infrastructure in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). With the bitcoin (supported by its underlying block chain network), the exchange price again this month reached a milestone, and the Dubai government also published a vision for 2020 to use this technology in government documents before it became a block chain technology industry The use of this technology in this region is more prevalent than ever before. He believes that there will be a high adoption rate, and private and public sector entities will also highly appreciate the benefits of the block chain, which will also be improved through the technology while reducing its TCO technology infrastructure. “Led by a team with a block chain vision, and with strong financial support, ArabianChain is in a very favorable position to lead the Middle East to the future of finance and contractual trade figures.”n
nArabianChain Technology CEO Mohammed Alsehlin
nWhy should investors study and invest in block chain start-ups?n
nn”Block chains are a new disruptive technology and are transforming our work and operations in various industries, and this technology has evolved to transform transactions, value storage, contracts, data management, security, communications, etc. Business areas. In general, block-chain technology is much like the Internet, and most well-known companies are well aware of the technology’s ability. In addition, the government has also released through the block chain to meet its objectives For example, in Dubai, Dubai Crown Prince and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Dubai HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum launched the Dubai block chain strategy to achieve the efficiency of government departments to transfer all transactions to the block Chain, in order to achieve the government paperless office.This shows that the block chain compared to ‘speculation’, the more to the show. The chain chain has enough evidence to encourage venture companies to consider investment chain chain start enterprise.”n
nnWhat do you suggest for MENA’s start-up when positioning investors?n
nn”In addition to knowing the pain points that your solution will solve, you need to know your client, and in this case the investor panel, unless otherwise recommended, the tone should not be too technical. Ideas and brands, and the work of the model adds value to this tone. Do not be afraid to state the number, and must always ask for advice and guidance.n

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