Block chain start-up company Billon received 2 million euros EU research fund

nnnIn the wake of the storm, the Billon Group, a new unit of the UK chain, paid a $ 2 million grant from Horizon 2020, a well-known European research project. It is reported that this money comes specifically from the Horizon 2020 sub-project SME Instrument Project (SME Instrument). And this funding means that the project officially recognized the company’s ability to develop enterprise payment solutions based on distributed ledger technology (DLT).n
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nUK block chain payment start-up company Billon Group new well-known EU research project Horizon 2020 2 million euros funding.n
nAccording to a statement issued by the start-up, the money means that the project formally recognizes the company’s ability to develop enterprise payment solutions based on distributed ledger technology (DLT). The start-up said the money would be used to develop a set of e-commerce and content profitable solutions.n
nIn addition, although the Horizon 2020 project plans to provide 80 billion euros for start-ups from 2014 to 2020, this may be the first fund that the project provides to the chain-chain start-ups. Specifically, the Billon Group received money from the Horizon 2020 Sub-SME Instrument, which also plans to provide € 3 billion in funding for potential small and medium-sized businesses between 2014 and 2020.n
nTadeusz Kuropatwinski, Managing Director of Billon Digital Payment, added:n
nn”We believe that profitability and e-commerce payments will be one of the key drivers behind the small payment requirements in the global (especially in emerging markets), and Billon is expected to launch e-commerce business and content monetization services in Poland this fall Will launch such services in the UK in 2018. “n
nnThe offer also continued the history of Billon’s collaboration with government projects.n
nAs stated in the report last November, Billon was selected by the first phase of the regulatory sandbox program launched by the UK Regulatory Authority’s Financial Markets Act Regulatory Authority, which was designed to test DLT products in a supervised environment.n

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