Block Chain Talent Training Program Series Lesson 2 – When the block chain encounters financial, it is unstoppable


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nCourse Backgroundn
nThe deep integration of finance and information technology continues to break the boundaries of existing finance and profoundly change the way financial services work.n
nAt present, most of the Internet finance is essentially the electronic of traditional finance, and the way of credit creation has not changed. The block chain technology fundamentally changed the central way of credit creation, between the machines to establish a “trust” network, through the endorsement of technology rather than central credit institutions to create credit. Block chain is a decentralized distributed books, “to the central” nature will let the current financial problems facing the subversive reform.n
nWhen the block chain is applied to the financial scene, it will bring various effects to the transaction: 1. Reduce the transaction cost; 2. Improve the transaction efficiency, realize the transaction settlement real-time; 3. Realize the transaction process automation; store.n
nInstitute of the second phase of the heavy tutor team, for financial practitioners. From academic theory to financial scene, analysis of block chain in the financial field of innovative applications, and the latest technology zero distance contact, expand the development of new ideas, help build a new perspective of the financial industry.n
nBlock chain financial, irresistible, grasp the opportunity to invite you counterpartsn

nCourse Featuresn
nThe scene is kingnA comprehensive interpretation of the financial industry block chain application scenarios, expand the financial industry innovation perspective. Designed for financial hot spots, covering the financial sector, insurance, rural finance, supply chain finance, digital assets, electronic certificates, banking systems and other scenes combined.nnnnn
nnTop ten mentorsnGuidance of Super Tutor, Guidance of Academic Theory and Sharing of Actual Combat. To the Institute of ten top ten instructor team teaching, financial and academic experts joint teaching. And strive to both students get the depth of theoretical knowledge, but also access to the industry veteran of the actual operation of the Code.nn
nChain Valley studentsnnStudents into the project alumni directory, to create financial industry talent and block chain technology talent sharing network. For the financial industry to open the block chain courses for students to learn more about learning block chain knowledge and the latest dynamic platform to build a multi-person network at the same time.n
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nCourse Modulen
nnModule 1:n
nFinance and Block Chain Innovationn
nOverview and Development of Block Chainn
nSolving the Chain Chain Essence from the Financial Perspectiven
nChain Chain Technology Innovation and Business Modeln
nnnModule 2:n
nFinancial scene block chainn
nInsurance industry applicationn
nThe Application of Rural Financen
nSupply chain financial sector chainn
nKYC customer identification and digital assetsn
nApplication scenario analysis – electronic certificaten
nBlock chain technology in the bankn
nnnModule 3:n
nAnalysis of Hot Chain of Blockn
nIntroduction and Comparison of Mainstream Technology of Blockn
nBit coins and other “cottage currency”n
nBlock chain value evolutionn
nnnModule 4:n
nEnterprise Visiting Instructorn
nTop chain chain company visit (including digital exchange)n
nTutor interview, targeted Q u0026 An
nnn n
nMentor Profilen
Ma XiaofengnSuzhou Tongji Financial Technology Research Institutennn
Ma WeifengnSuzhou Tongji Financial Technology Research Institute Distinguished Tutor, Tongji University School of Economics and Management Associate Professor, Tongji University Shanghai Futures Research Institute Vice President, Shanghai Financial Engineering Research Association executive directornnn
Dong NingnSuzhou Tongji Financial Technology Research Institute Distinguished tutor, intellectual chain technology CEOnnn
He Dingn
Suzhou Tongji Financial Technology Research Institute Distinguished Tutor, Shanghai Insurance Exchange Information Technology Division block chain responsible personn

Xia Pingn
Suzhou Tongji Financial Technology Research Institute Distinguished Tutor, Yifan Chairman and International Chinese Science and Technology Business Association Vice Chairmann

Yu Wenbingn
Suzhou Tongji Financial Technology Research Institute Distinguished Tutor, Deputy General Manager of European Metallurgical Finance Departmentn

Shen Tao Lein
Suzhou Tongji Financial Technology Research Institute Distinguished Tutor, Lei Ying Technology founder

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