Block chain technology supports unmanned vehicles

nnnRampage comment: Block-chain distributed books to the centralized storage can avoid the risk of failure and attack, in the realization of automatic driving vehicle data acquisition has a significant role. And smart contracts and encrypted currency to further automate more features. So in the future start driving the era of popular cars, block chain technology will go hand in hand.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nWe often link block-chain technology with digital money and other financial transactions, but there are other potential applications of the chain-chain distributed books technology, and the data in the books can not be modified, forgotten, stolen. The automotive industry plans to open the technology at the full speed of unattended vehicle development in the application of research.n
nAutomated driving the car may be the future of the automotive industry. McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group predicted a large-scale autopilot in 2035. 2016 Ford, GM, Volvo announced with the software company, Google, excellent step, Tesla and Apple to carry out this development.n
nThe impact of block chain technology on the autopilot car industry is of concern. “There may be hundreds of billions of human driving data in order to develop safe and reliable autopilot cars, block chains and distributed book technology may be different from the same,” said Chris Ballinger, director of automotive services at Toyota Research Institute (TRI) Automotive Services and Chief Financial Officer. Owners, fleet managers, manufacturers to collect data, shorten the time to achieve this goal. “n
nBecause the block chain does not rely on the central organization for data storage and verification, it does not allow hackers or failures to damage a single point of trouble driving the car automatically. The ability to assemble, dig and analyze data on block chains helps to ensure the safety and availability of autopilot vehicles. For example, different congestion conditions, terrain, and social norms make it impossible for Babelton, Massachusetts, and New York to drive cars. The data on the block chain may help to ensure that the autopilot does not take the giant oak as a skyscraper.n

nOther companies are also exploring what to do after the popularity of autopilot cars. Oaken, who develops autopilot applications, wants to take advantage of smart contracts and encrypted currency to bring more opportunities to the automotive services industry. Oaken believes that the autopilot will soon be able to automatically open to the car wash shop or refuel. And automatically use the encrypted currency to pay. Automotive sensors and block-chain technology will fuse, track and monitor vehicle performance. Automotive sensors and block chains can reduce performance tracking, maintenance cycles, and vehicle failures to the pressure of the owner.n
nFor example, on Monday morning you received an autopilot situation with thousands of different warnings around and suggested testing to a car repair shop. Fortunately, the car only need to adjust slightly, and through the block chain trading platform, with encrypted money automatically pay repair costs. Car from the repair shop out, the car personal block chain book will update two important data, one is the body to determine the problem, the second is the solution to the problem. Since the block chain book update, you are similar to the thousands of cars around you can learn from. Make these cars more efficient, to avoid such accidents.n
n2035 automatic driving car will cover 25% of the new car market, profit $ 77 billion. In accordance with such a bold prediction, this change will have a chain reaction in the enterprise industry, the company interdependence. Ready to stay ahead, and this is the opportunity for block chain technology. Block chain of distributed books of technical functions and automatic driving the future of the car is bright, full of breakthroughs, success and change. This relationship will develop, mature, change the industry, and ultimately become mainstream.n

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