Block chain test results, IBM is seen as a leader

nnJuniper Research surveyed 400 companies involved in the development of chain-based chain, most of the time the company invested, and most of which said it would continue to carry out similar or larger investment, even in the future technology will be used for enterprises Operation. At the same time the survey showed that 43% of the respondents ranked IBM in the chain chain industry first, 20% of the respondents will be the Microsoft in the first place. But now it seems, IBM’s block chain project involves more industries, with its cooperation in the industry companies are more.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Almost all companies that test how to use block-chain technology are planning to continue investing in block-chain research and development.n
Juniper Research surveyed 400 companies, 67% of companies in the test block chain invested $ 100,000 in 2016, and 91% predicted that the investment was at least 2017, focusing on testing and even integrating the technology into business operations.n
Block chains are often referred to as distributed books at the bottom of the bitcoar, but the tests involve multiple industries. It maintains the transaction data can be permanently saved, can not be tampered with. Unlike traditional databases, it is based on a point-to-point architecture that stores data on a computer network.n
Juniper research also revealed that IBM is seen as a leader in the field and 43% of respondents put it first. The second is Microsoft, 20% of the respondents will be the software provider in the first place.n
London Stock Exchange, Danish Maersk, Credit Mutuel Arkea, and food distribution multinational companies are working with IBM to bring the block chain into the business.n
The London Stock Exchange is currently testing IBM’s block-chain technology to help smaller and medium-sized businesses become more transparent and attract more investment. Maersk Line works with IBM to develop block-chain applications for tracking and managing file records for global containers.n
At the same time food industry giant Nestle, Unilever, Wal-Mart and IBM to cooperate with the technology for the global food supply chain, improve food safety. The diversity of its application will inevitably lead to more trials.n
Juniper Research says companies must focus on business deployments on private chains rather than using public coins and other public chains. Most enterprise applications need to restrict user access, and the company also needs to control the development of the block chain technology on which the company’s system relies to some extent.n
Juniper Research author Windsor Holden said:n
n”Even if the company makes a preliminary test of the public chain, in most cases, these chain defects will make them unsuitable for some use cases, including financial settlement, public sector deployment, logistics and land registration.”n

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