Block chain: the cost of attracting millions of dollars at the cost of ICO

nnnnIn the end of the 1990s, like the Internet bubble, the fiery block chain ICO was constantly attracted to not understand the investors in the field. Many ICOs are unregulated securities products. The securities regulator has not yet taken any effective action. So to avoid too blind, after all, do not know which project is finally found to be a hoax. So before the investment to carefully consider the value of these projects tokens where.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nInnovators who want to quickly finance projects based on block-chain electronic recording systems and electronic money platforms avoid IPO and have chosen ICO’s quick money.n
nBuyer Tips: ICO growth rate beyond the protection of investors in the legal and regulatory system, so if your bit more dollars or dollars only for you in exchange for less than you pay the electronic “token”, you only rely on their own.n
nOn Monday, my mailbox received a product promotion, “First Ever Real Estate Project on Blockchain.” The block chain is a genius system that instantly updates electronic books for supporting bits Currency, so that users can reliably and quickly verify the transaction, and its developers and investors who have loved it have already incorporated it into the new system.n
nThe proposal is based on a chain-based chain of services, Primalbase, “the first joint office space of the technology community”, which sells electronic money, “tokens can provide permanent use of office facilities.”n
nIt is possible to rent or sell the tokens to other users or investors through a block-based “large-scale encrypted currency exchange”, which is a place of trading for Bitcoin and competing electronic money. Once Primalbase is sold out of ICO, the plan is no longer increasing (not to say that others will not develop similar tokens).n
nMonday began bidding, the organizers plan to sell hundreds of tokens, the price of each coin 3 bit coins, about 7,000 US dollars, managers and supporters can get some free of charge. The holder will vote for the Primalbase office address, including Western Europe, New York and Singapore, whose tokens can be used to use these spaces. After the first day, when I look at the auction site, show that the buyer has invested 2,300 special coins to buy the token, slightly more than five million dollars. By Tuesday afternoon, founder Dmitry Faller wrote that the tokens were sold out and raised more than $ 7 million.n
nThis newsletter says real estate as “changeable” conservative business. It assures us that Primalbase is built on the Waves and the Ether Square platform, both of which are gradually surpassing Bitcoin’s popular encrypted currency platform.n
nMail quoted Waves founder Sasha Ivanov as saying that “Primalbase is a real estate company and is also a block chain community that offers unique products: on the one hand, it is the office space where the stationed authority, on the other hand, it is possible to trade in the market There is never such a thing in the past. And link to the FAQ page.n
n”There is a wave of ICO, which sells encrypted currency tokens in their own systems, and many people raise a lot of money through it,” says Kevin Werbach, a professor at Wharton School, which promotes the chain of chains. “There are tens of millions of dollars Of the network currency, “although they do not have a viable network.”n
nWho invests these funds? “It seems that a lot of demand comes from speculators, from hedge fund employees to Chinese retail investors, who are eager to invest in new opportunities, and people are excited about the potential of encrypted money, but they do not know what they are doing.”n
nn”It was much like the Internet bubble in the late 1990s, investors did not understand the business or financial model, put the money thrown into the Internet IPO.”n
nnn”Many of these ICOs are unregulated securities products, and SEC and foreign securities regulators have not taken any action, but the report says they are actively investigating these issues.”n
nnDelaware and some other states are preparing to legally recognize the block chain, setting standards for their legal and financial applications.n
nHe does not have an in-depth investigation of Primalbase, saying investors who invest in Primalbase must consider the basic question: “Why are these tokens added value? Brave, which replaces the current online advertising model, has a legitimate reason to use tokens, but why do you need to Joint office space “.n
nFor the majority of investors,n
nn”It is only a matter of time to find out that some ICOs are just fraud or Ponzi scheme, and when people lose money, the government will be under great pressure to provide the kind of consumer protection that traditional securities investors get.”n

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